How to Change a GM Manual Window Regulator

How to Change a GM Manual Window Regulator

A window regulator is used in General Motors vehicles to raise and lower the glass pane inside a door. This window regulator is actually a mechanical lever that is activated by means of a hand crank inside the vehicle, which can be damaged due to some reasons and hence it should be replaced. It will take just an hour to change a window regulator if its replacement is done by a professional mechanic. Let us talk about how to change a GM manual window regulator.

Things you’ll need:

Following things are required to replace a GM window regulator:


Step 1:

First of all turn the battery terminal bolt in anticlockwise direction to disconnect the battery. After that pull the terminal liberated. Put this terminal to one side.

Step 2:

Next, take out the interior door panel by revolving the inside door handle mount screw in counterclockwise direction, while turning the window handle crank screw in counterclockwise direction, after that drag the panel free of the pop rivets that are holding it to the metal. In some vehicle models there will bolts in the interior arm rest that you have to twist in anti clockwise direction to remove them. Here plastic pop rivets may also require replacement.

Step 3:

Now turn the glass retainer bolts in counterclockwise direction to remove them, afterward pull the glass up and out of the door. There can be end clips in some vehicle models that are used to hold the glass to the regulator; so you have to pry them free and for this reason you can use screwdriver and after that remove the glass.

Step 4:

Now you are required to remove the window regulator by turning its mount bolts in counterclockwise direction; subsequently put the regulator out of the door metal.

Step 5:

Next replace the window regulator with a new unit and make secure the mount bolts in a clockwise direction. Bring back the glass to its actual position in the regulator, plus secure its clamps or else retainer bolts. The window regulator as well as the glass is usually manufactured to fit automatically exclusive of adjustment, although a little management is required in this case.

Step 6:

Next restore the door panel by simply pressing it resolutely to keep the pop rivets into their holes. Once the door is secured, twist the bolts in the arm rest, screw in the crank plus the screw in the door handle in clockwise direction until unless you tighten them all.

Step 7:

Next put back the positive terminal and secure its bolt by twisting it clockwise.

Tips & Warnings:

  • Make sure that you have properly cleaned the glass at the time when it is out of the window regulator.
  • Pay additional attention while working with automotive glass.

Written by Petra

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