How to Build a Soapbox Derby Car

How to Build a Soapbox Derby Car

If you are a teenager, then you would surely love Soapbox Derby Car Racing game. There are a lot of fans of this cool racing game and most of the them belong to the teen age group. You must have come across many people who like you, are interested in the game and try to build their own Soapbox Derby Cars. Are you also planning to try your luck and build one? If so, here we are to give you some tips on – how to build a Soapbox Derby car the easy way.

Design of the Soapbox Derby Car

There are three main components for every Soapbox Derby cars and they are:

  • the chassis;
  • the drivetrain and;
  • the body.

Chassis, as you would already know is the main component of any car that holds every other parts of a car. The stronger the chassis, the better and longer the car will run. The steering system, wheels and the brakes come under the drivetrain part. And the body is the car jacket, that protects the car makes it look good and shiny.

Building the Soapbox Derby car

Step 1: First of all you should think about a good chassis and drivetrain system that would be perfect for your Soapbox Derby car. One of the best options is a pull wagon. You can use it for this purpose and make your first Soapbox Derby car.

Step 2: You should use light weight metal pipe only – because using other types of pipes may increase the weight of the car. Your aim should be to decrease the weight as much as possible. Always use light weight components unless otherwise specified. You may get details regarding this from blueprints that you can download from the internet.

Step 3: If you are having the blueprint for building a Soapbox Derby car, with you, then you may refer it while building the frame for the car. It will save your time as well as assist you while fitting the various things.


Step 1: First of all you should assemble the axle system and the wheel. Next, install the brakes. For that you may also refer the blueprint with you. This is an important step, mistake is not an option here. Bad brakes could lead to trouble.

Step 2: Include a seat belt which is preferred for racing purposes. It’s better to buy a new one in this case.


The safety is the primary concern when working on the body of Derby car. Get a rollcage constructed; that will keep the driver safe in case the car rolls over on the tract during the race.

Paint and decorate your car with different attractive colors. Keep in mind the preference of your child before you finalize any color.

Written by Charles

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