How to Build a Raft

Sat, 08/27/2011 - 11:56
A raft is something which can be taken as a substitute for a boat. So, if you are thinking of doing some fishing, but don’t have a boat with you, then you may use a raft. Here we will be telling you how to build a raft the easy way. Let’s get started. Things you will need:
  • Tools to cut wood
  • Logs
  • Water jugs
  • Leaves
Steps: Step 1: First of all you should put down logs side by side. The dimensions of the logs should be – 12 feet long and 12 inches thick. There should be six such logs laid side by side. Then you should cut grooves near the ends of each of the logs in a U shape model. The grooves, which you have just cut, should be 2 inches long approximately, from the end of the logs. Step 2: Place two 7” x 6” logs in the grooves of larger logs. Step 3: Now, if you see, the raft isn’t stable as it should be. To make it stable, you may wrap the heavy twine in a special manner – like in a crisscross manner across small and large logs out there. Now check the raft again, it would have become stable now – indeed a lot better than earlier. Step 4: The smaller logs should be on the bottom, for that you may simply flip the raft over one time. Step 5: To make the raft even better, you can get the help of four water jugs. These water jugs should be placed in the corners and at the bottom of the raft. It is recommended to put one jug at each corner of the raft, so that things would be balanced by themselves, and the raft will be getting the benefit without much effort from your side. Step 6: Your cool raft is almost ready. You can take on water right now. But, it would be better if you do a bit more works on the raft. It is good for the stability as well as the look of the raft. Yes, we are talking about putting leaves on top of the raft. Put leaves here and there – spread them evenly – and if you can make layers out of these leaves, then it would be really great and that’s highly recommended.

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