How to Build a Go-Cart Frame

How to Build a Go-Cart Frame

Have you ever thought of making your own go-cart frame? People who have great interests in driving and other such things would surely think about making one at least once in life. Here is a chance to make your own go-cart frame. We will be explaining things in a pretty easy manner. So, following them won’t be difficult even for someone who knows nothing about driving or even go-carts.

The Basic Frame of a Go-Cart:

The basic frame of go-cart is square shaped but you can always think of some different design of your go-cart. A good and attractive designed go-cart depends on your imagination. You should remember one thing that the design and style of the go-cart frame will attract lots and lots of people towards your go-cart. And this can even make your go-cart pretty famous in your locality. When buying the frame, you should have some idea regarding the size of the go-cart as well.

Things to remember:

You should think about the essentials of go-cart i.e. batteries, engines, seats, brake components, etc. even before you start building the frame of your go-cart. All these components should fit in the frame and these components should be able to be placed at the right places in the go-cart.


Things required:

  • Motor
  • Tires
  • Batteries
  • Seats
  • Steering
  • Brake kits
  • Bolts
  • Screws
  • Steel plank
  • Saw


Step 1: The metal tubing and also some wooden dowels has to be cut at first using the saw. Tubing has to be cut taking into consideration your plans and ideas – don’t simply cut it and mess the whole thing – be smart and do things the right way. Holes should be made at the right places and the tubing should be connected so as to create a frame. Now you will be seeing a frame for your go-cart in front of you. This is the first step in building a go-cart frame

Step 2: Set aside parts for fitting different components of the go-cart. You should do some more work in the tubing. It should allow the placement of the engine, seats, steering etc. inside the go-cart. Before arranging space for these things, you should draw a picture of what is in your mind on a paper where you can easily correct the mistakes, if any.

Step 3: Now that you have arranged space for the placement of different components of the go-cart, you can easily put the different components at the right place. Once you complete this step, you’ll be seeing a cool go-cart which you have built using your own skills.

This is one of the easiest methods to build a go-cart frame from scratch.

Written by Charles

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