Honda’s Civic Coupe makes you young again

Tue, 09/30/2014 - 19:29
Want to feel like a teenager again? Take a spin in the refreshed 2014 Honda Civic Coupe and you’ll be thrown back into the days you and your friends first felt the freedom of driving. It’s amazing how a car that has changed so much can still give you a serious case of nostalgia. Honda Civic Coupe gets some sun after an overnight rainstorm. But like you, this Civic is all grown up now. It’s more refined. It’s matured since the days of laying your seat way back, playing the music absurdly loud, and squealing those 15-inch wheels as you exited the high school parking lot. Riding with the 2014 Civic Coupe Picture a shrunken Honda Accord Coupe and you’ll get the new Civic 2-door. Its styling cues are similar to the new Honda breed, but thankfully, the Civic gets a sportier-looking front fascia and tail. Personally, I’m not normally a coupe fan. I tend to go for the practicality and functionality of four doors, not to mention four adult-ready seats. But this coupe has slightly altered my opinion. Toting around town in the new Civic Coupe is just as easy as you remember it, and the ride is sporty enough. Remember, it’s still a four-banger, but it’s got the punch needed to merge into highway traffic without hesitation. The handling has improved as well; the Civic accelerates through corners tightly and feels confident in most driving situations. We’re fans of the black painted wheels that bring out design accents on the bumpers. Gripes? There’s really not much to complain about with the new Civic. It’s a proven vehicle that will always sell in large numbers. One detail decision that irked us was that the driver’s side window is automatic one-touch but the passenger side window is not. Seriously, there are only two windows. Honda also created a camera that awkwardly rests on the bottom of the passenger-side view mirror, called the Expanded View Driver’s Mirror. It gives the driver a preview of what’s along that side of the car every time the turn signal blinks right – a feature than can be helpful inside a car with a high belt line, but it creates a bit of a design eyesore. The drive is what you’d expect from Honda. It’s sturdy and reliable. The materials inside feel reasonable for the price tag and overall it’s just a great car. Unfortunately, the back seat is almost useless with the way the roof curves down toward the rear window. A normal-sized adult would have to hunch over or lay their head back to sit “comfortably”  in the back. Who is the Civic Coupe vehicle for? The Honda Civic Coupe makes an excellent first car out of school, whether that be high school or college. Young professionals and really any driver who doesn’t car around other passengers often would enjoy this car.
This Civic is surprisingly sporty – a much more attractive design than was presented just a few years ago.
It may be a two-door, but it’s probably one of the more practical coupes out there. For starters, Honda (and likely all automakers) has made the process of moving the passenger seat forward much simpler, providing easy access to the back. There’s no shortage of practicality either, so long as you’re not looking to cart around four adults on a regular basis. The rear seats fold down to a 60/40 split -a feature we advocate for in every car. Whatever type of buyer you may be, Honda’s new Civic puts functionality, fuel economy, and style right up there with your personal preference to ditch the extra doors. 2014 Honda Civic Coupe EX-L with Navigation

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