Highest Suzuki Workshop In The World!

Sat, 08/13/2011 - 03:35
As a sign of their dedication to provide the customers with top top-notch service and maintenance, Suzuki India has now opened a new outlet in one of the most remote areas and at the highest altitude of any car workshop at 3,740 metres (12,200 feet) above sea level. The terms Suzuki in the clouds really applies here! The new workshop, situated at Kaza in Himachal Pradesh on the North East of the Continent is situated next to the highest petrol station in the world and has been opened to cater for the growing number of customers in the Region as well as the increasing number of Tourist traffic there. Even if you live in town you just have to go there to service your car, because it turns an otherwise dull job into an adventure! Suzuki press release: The areas around Kaza are cut off from the rest of the World for a good four months of the year and the workshop will be able to support a local pool of 700 Suzuki vehicles and drastically reduce the challenging 150 mile journey customers previously had to make to get their car repaired. Maruti Suzuki retains a market share of more than 50 per cent of passenger vehicles sold across India and is very keen to establish the importance of developing more aftersales outlets in as many places as possible to support growth in new car sales. In 2010 sales volume reached 1.1 million units and is set to grow to 1.7 million annually in 2013. Maruti Suzuki currently has 900 new car dealers and 2,992 service workshops in India serving 1,406 Cities. Some of the larger City dealers maintain over 250 cars per day in their 50 bay service centres with the monthly service load across the network averaging one million cars. As the road infrastructure is now developing at a fast rate, the longer term plan for Maruti Suzuki is to have service outlets every 25km across India and build further on the brands 11 consecutive years of ranking first place in the J.D .Power customer satisfaction awards.

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