Guide to VW Passat Tuning

Fri, 12/16/2016 - 08:06
The Passat was launched by Volkswagen in 1973. In the beginning, it was introduced as a family car with two and four door. Other versions with three and five doors were introduced later. It could have been strange but it was a perfect design at that time for their excellent engines. For a variety of reasons, the Toyota Passat was declared the car of the year. It a family sized car at one hand while on the other hand it gives a complete driving satisfaction. Experts are of a view that Toyota Passat has a share of its platform with the A4. Although any model of Toyota can be modified but a perfect bet would be 130BHP or even higher. While considering classics, everyone thinks differently. The VW vehicles were generally introduced in the market several years back but they are still popular not only among car tuners but even among ordinary car fans. In fact Passat was launched in 1973 by VW as a family car, there have been several modifications of these cars sometimes sporting and decent. While on the other hand, with rash looks. However, every time they were outstanding. We will talk about the tuning of VW Passat. Whether someone believes it or not but VW Passat is still in demand in the modern world. A person can be hardly found who is unaware of the 4th generation world fame VW Passat. A big car looks huge and heavy with an ordinary design but especially luxurious and fashionable. A lot of time has passed since the first model was produced but amazingly there is still demand for this car. It is not only the precise exterior but it’s also the great engine and well rounded performance. This is certainly something which will make VW proud. The car is equipped with a mighty engine – 2, 8 liter V6 due to which the car is well driven. It has a maximum output of 193 HP at 6000 RPM, maximum speed of 238 KM/H and the acceleration is up to 100 within 7.8 seconds. The car can be of an overall good value if it is recognized to be 10 years old. We will first discuss about the mechanism charges that can be done in the Passat. For avoiding traction loss when driving on smooth surfaces, it is good to utilize Torsen AWD system for this purpose. A TDI engine that produces 135 PS can be used to improve the power and turbocharge with diesel. The specialty of the engine is that it utilizes diesel for fuel economy and its ability for operating with bio-fuels which is an expensive alternative of gas. The rising prices of fuel nowadays have become an important factor. The Torsen AWS system has a four wheel drive version. We will discuss about VW Passat in the form of bodywork before tuning. The Passat’s bodywork has extensions below front and rear bumper, rims, sills, rear wings, front grills, door back mirrors and optical roof extension. We will look closely. The front division is quite ordinary but fancy changed under the front bumper by a new extension. The extension and the front bumper openings match with each other. It also has three extended openings which are used like a décor which help to cool down the engine components. The final step is the wheels. There are three types of rims available to fit in. There are 18” 10-spoked Tomasom TN1 rims, 19” chromed 5-spoked SMC design SV rim for show cars and finally 19” 15-spoked ASA ZR1. These can be selected according to the taste and needs of the person.

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