Guide to Nissan Skyline Tuning

Tue, 08/02/2016 - 03:02

Sometimes our ambitions become the biggest key to success without any intentions involved. Nissan would have also never imagined the great fame that the Skyline enjoyed for the many coming years. It was designed and made with the objective to win the Japanese Touring Car Championship, Nissan Skyline dodged every single head and it suddenly became a demand of everyone. This car also made a rush in Australia besides Asia and it became the only choice for Australian racers.

This power factor and domination finally led to its ban. Nissan Skyline has never been a disappointment for anyone from the race track version to the city road version. Car fans have a craze for this, no one had ever imagined that its performance would be measured one day in single pack.

Perfect shift gears for balancing and handling is an unusual combination in many vehicles. Skyline will assure you with all of these.

It is not easy to find rare body shells when a fan thinks about tuning the body. Skylines are ideal cars for racing stuff. They have proved as the fastest ever cars on the track. The real challenge of Skyline is to stand a thirty minute full attack on the toughest tracks. A lot of tunings have been tried but only some have perfectly worked.

The engine would have to be tuned up for producing a scorching 500 HP. For achieving this, the 2.8L engine has to be bored and the insides have to be packed with identical fittings which can be found in the winning version of the Japanese race track. For passing the quality test of strict noise limits on the track, the exhaust should be very carefully crafted. Although 590 HP can be produced by the final engine but major damage to the exhaust system can be caused by heavy emissions.

When the speed increases from 4000 RPM to 5500 RPM and continues to accelerate, this is a play of real life blur. An acceleration of 1.5G is hard to imagine. It will simply look like a rocket on the road. Only RE01Rs tires of Bridgestone are able of withstanding such a high speed. Another dimension of 3D world to the driving experience will be simple added by RE55S semi slicks of Bridgestone.

The interior can be given more sporty looks by using Alcantara covered seats attached tightly to the body for safety during powerful acceleration. Adjustable dampers of Sachs 3 are very well supportive to the mid altering brakes, they increase the high performance of the vehicle. Super Copper mix is an addition to such complicated modifications, they not only easily manage the power but they also enhance the driving pleasure because of its easy use.

The silver gear knob and speedometer of 199 mph add to the ultimate touches of this road master.

A tuned Skyline is definitely a real dream for many car fans but it is meant for advantages at the same time. Its accelerating configurations and perfect speed are not easy to handle for a layperson.

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