Guide to Nissan Micra Tuning

Sat, 07/16/2016 - 18:27

The Nissan Micra is the latest technology piece from Nissan’s kitty. Having an extreme stylish touch with feeling of fun and improved efficiency in every segment, this car is already prepared to excite the Indian sub continent with its exceptional grace and horse power. Commonly known as March in Japan, this car will set out to the streets of India in 2010.

With its birth back in 1982, this car became a real threat to the sales of Honda City. It was known as K10 by its fans. The popularity of the car increased with the release of every new model on the roads. It was followed by K11 which ruled for a long duration of 11 years till 2003. K12 is the latest model on the road whose production halted back in 1997. This car was well known for its extremely high thrust and radical design.


It might seem an easy job to design and tune a Micra, but in reality it is one of the most difficult and tough technological challenges one can face. Because it is already very powerful according to the concerned technical specifications, Micra fans and enthusiasts keep themselves updated with latest techniques.

Lets start with the first step of giving the engine some more required air. More torque generates more power which in turn is derived from the engine’s improved volumetric efficiency. The first major changes that can be done are the exhaust system including a high profile catalytic converter and the air filter.

Micro is not an easy-go with changes, thus the next step must focus on taking out the maximum potential. Because it is to be converted into a highly turbo charged car, so high boost pressures will be needed which will further decrease the intake charge. An intercooler of high quality and optimal size will be required so that the car will have an intake of reduced charged temps and will gain considerable boost of power.

Next is the discussion of big power gains and improving the much required torque of the car. After installing the compatible versions of fuel rails, regulators and injectors, fitting in a bigger turbo is to be considered so the engine will be able to manage enough load of power. Removing negative pressure from the valves should also be worked on. This can be achieved very quickly with the help of an induction kit.

This will indirectly enhance the volumetric efficiency and hence it will result in an improved roaring engine. Always try to make the car as light as possible because it will give an immense momentum and more instant acceleration. To give much needed thrust to the Micra, it will be essential to add camshaft and carrier pulleys, lightened flywheel, multi layer steel head gasket and extra smooth alloys.

Micra has ruled the roads of Asia for many years and has been a baby doll. The latest Micra is ready to unfold its style and power to attract every head around.

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