Guide to Nissan Almera Tuning

Wed, 06/01/2016 - 13:49

Wonderful cars have been manufactured by Nissan throughout its career. Among them was the Nissan Almera which was a superb family car that ruled the streets of Asia from 1996 to 2006. It has been rated as one of the stunning success of Nissan. It was considered as a very competent model having sharp and accurate handling with effective tire grip and a minimum body roll.

Looking at some of the great engine makeovers of the past, Almera has really become as one of the most respected car on the road. It is regarded as a stylish family car giving a feeling of professional touch. One can say without any doubt that Almera can be tuned to transform it into a real stunning car on the road.

Nissan Almera has been a subject to a lot of tuning works and many proved successful. This demonstrates the stability and compatibility of technology used for this car. Because of re-engineered cams and strong air inlets, Almera has turned stronger with every modification. With the addition of latest exhaust systems, a completely new aspect was introduces to the Almera’s tuning mechanism.

Latest introduced performance components like silicone hoses and carbon fiber air filters used for insulating the engine heating effects are some admired additions and replacements depending on the model of Almera. This will help in providing cool air when needed and will reduce the friction in big hoses. The engine will automatically get more air thus showing a greater performance level.

There are some who would think that a Nissan Almera will not be complete without the chrome tailpipes and the new back cat exhaust system. Because of huge range of body kits and big wild spoilers, an Almera fan would not resist to go for a tune up. The biggest attractions are actually the internal trim adjustments like the light leather seats, steel race pedals, small & handy steering and sporty seats.

Better change shift gears with reduced friction will be needed for better and enhanced performance. The use of ball bearings will lessen the time to reach the 100mph barrier. Comparing it with a pro street racing car, a new axle system and a new gear will make a huge difference. The gear system of BMW 5 series is fairly well-suited with the new models of Almera and therefore would be the best option to consider.

In addition, hoods on the front side doors and the bonnet will enhance the thrust and looks of the car. Adding some finishing touches to the car, the posters of the latest Jaguar car which use air brush designing techniques will truly boost the looks and force every nearby person to look around.

The best suitable option according to the design and size of the car is the air-brush painting of the White eagle from the front to end.

Nissan Almera has been the most favored family car for a long time. With heavy tunings, it will definitely redefine the meaning tuned-up cars in its collection.

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