Guide to Honda S2000 Tuning

Tue, 08/02/2016 - 03:25

A wonderful sports car manufactured by Honda was S2000 that really shows what can result when a car manufacturer company makes the ultimate use of innovation.

Unfortunately, the production of S2000 halted in 2009 but car fans are keenly waiting for the release of S3000 or Mk2.

The S2000 2.0 NASP engine has been exactly tuned to practical perfection by Honda which makes this one of the most efficient production engines in the market. It is balanced nicely and the heads are very well setup that is a challenge of a professional gas flower for making a considerable improvement to the head.


The valves can possibly be a weak point for the engine which shows up when the service history of the engine has not been kept updated. Besides this, the S2000 is strong and reliable while also having an important fun element of an open sports car.

Regarding tuning tips on the S2000:

Only one choice of engine was available and as it was a very good one, there can not be any argument on it. It is a real challenge to improve the S2000.

Because of its nature of high revving, the car is mostly criticized of having a bit low down torque.

For addressing this, a high octane fuel can be used. Stronger valves can be fitted and the cam profile and timing can be altered a little make the torque curve flat. Usually this will be at the cost of the top end power but will make the car more accessible to VTEC drivers.

For maximizing the power peak of S2000, the head has to be ported and polished and a 3 angle valve job has to be done. This should be done by an expert with full flow testing and diagnostic equipment. Increasing the engine’s compression will additionally maximize the power gains.

The blueprinting and balancing of the engine will help in fully exploiting its top end power and will increase the rev limit beyond the foolishly high standard limits.

Other modifications than can be considered for S2000 engine are air intake, fast road cams and sports exhaust which includes a set of high flow headers on a 4 to 1 pipe rather than a 4 to 2 to 1. Then, some port matching can be applied.

The power crazy fans always have the option of installing a turbo or supercharger but compression ratio of the engine has to be dramatically reduced to make this work better. Another option that can be considered is adding nitrous injection kits that can alone add 50bhp additional power to the engine.

Other modifications:

Brake upgrades are ideal and a lot of S2000 big brake conversion kits have been seen. Installing larger allows will facilitate in fitting a bigger brake disc but low profile tires would have to be used for keeping the same rolling diameter on the car.

Handling mods are also ideal to consider for the S2000, it is recommended to get a fully adjustable suspension kits so this can be set up to suit the driving style. Some prefer the tail happy nature of the car but it can be tamed to an extent with the right kind of suspension setup.

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