Guide to Honda Prelude Tuning

Tue, 08/02/2016 - 02:51

The most renowned coupe from Honda is simply Prelude. It might seem like an exaggerated statement but it is true. The excellent history dates back in 1978, Prelude continued to get better from good on the road. This model has five great versions, finally its production came to a halt in 2001. Vibes were created by it in 1988 when the 2.0l was released for the first time in the market. At that time, a massive 142 bhp was of a great value and praiseworthy.

The bonnet was smooth and long but it narrowed at the end to give the driver a good view of the road. The following models of the 90s had their own advantages and disadvantages.

Recently, one of the most inspiring 92-96 Honda Prelude tuning was seen. There was a modification of a metallic Navy blue with flawless fittings.

The biggest attraction was the Koni Sport dampers along with lowered adjustable suspension setup matched to Eibach Pro progressive Spring Kit. The road grip has been boosted by the latest alloys of 17? OZ Superleggera fitted with Toyo T1-R tires.

Because this is a great model, so it needs great care of the exhaust system. It would be matching with the dark cat body and it will look better if it is made of pure stainless steel. For this, a 60-70 mm decat pipe will be helpful.

When considering the intake, it is recommended to use K&N air filter and Prelude Type-S air box. Shell V Power 99 Octane fuels with NGK iridium plugs are obviously required.

The best configuration that can be added up to the Prelude is the H22A2 boost. The additional features are the latest monitor with increased rev limiter up to 8500 rpm and an altered time map for compatibility purposes.

If you still desire to have more incredible looks, then a set of Mugen MF 8s of 16 inches from Auto Salon is an option worth considering.

Because the configuration is heavy, the water temperature gauges are needed to be kept in a good working condition.

The rarest model which one can see around these days is the 1996 Honda Prelude Si. One such place rural Tennessee where America’s hottest Prelude can be found.

It is built on a firm base of JDM parts, the final touches and clean finishes give it an amazing look. The performance to the complete new level is boosted by a turbo charged ITR.

Some of the most astonishing and exclusive features of this tuned up car are the H23 block with H22 parts and an intake pulled off for better brake lines.

Because of the heavy tuned up configuration, the suspension of Prelude could become a concern. As a tip and recommendation, it is better to get an original Honda suspension or there is a possibility that the appeal of every single configuration done till now will become worthless.

Summarizing the whole, Prelude is rare just like a Panda. However when its grace is unleashed after years, it is worth a Nostalgia for a lot more years to come.

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