Guide to Honda CRX Tuning

Thu, 03/24/2016 - 08:31

The other name for Honda CR-X is Honda Ballade which is another premium quality vehicle from Honda’s releases. Because of its short form ‘CR-X’ which means Civic Renaissance Model X, there has been some controversial history. Being launched in American markets and European markets, it steadily changed from a 2 seater to a 2 + 2 seater. The launches in Europe made this vehicle more powerful in BHP and engine.

CR-X fans around the world show their love for their car by tuning it in several various ways. They have re-defined the concept of tuning their cars. The question is what if the engine is not touched or the appearance still gives a jaded look. All of the tuned Honda CR-X cars on the road have an elegance feeling around.


Considering starting from the suitable economical tunings, a rio red body work will be preferred, Instead of going for expensive and heavy Nitrous systems, it will be much better to go with sports air filter and cold air intake. Its performance will be surely boosted by a free flow exhaust. Managing some reduction of extra weight in the car will be better. For instance, the power sunroof can be removed and the top cover should be left on. About 20 Kgs of big weight will be surely reduced by screwing it to the hood and covering it up with a big sticker.

Coming to the more deluxe side, a 1.6 sohc VTEC swap or a B16A swap will be more than enough to get a heavy BHP output. To prove some mettle on the road, a 130 HP will do quite good. It would be a bit expensive to have a nitrous X-pack, however a beginner version will give a boost to the required performance.

For adding style to the handsome CR-X, power windows and power mirrors will be a good choice.

Moving little bit into the past, let’s consider some amazing tunings done with the CR-X. A modern man’s attraction in perfect sense is the 1991 CR-X JDM. The car known for energy and speed is the 91 JDM CRX theme of Leon’s Mugen. Adding a JDM front end, black Zenon side and Spoon Sports’ bolts will transform this big one into a real beast on the road. The JDM fenders can be plainly removed and some attractive flares can be added to the trimmed arches. The heavy mirrors can be replaced with carbon fiber vision type DC mirrors t give some final finishing touches and a difference would be visibly felt. Additional assets for the machine are the spoon calipers.

By adding light flat back wheels in the form of Spoon SW338s shod of 16 inch, the final looks will get even more aggressive. Few more upgrades can be added to make it a full attraction pack which is the real motive of the owner. Some major performance boosters are complete Energy Suspension bushing kit, spoon calipers mated to 11.1” rotors and adjustable Camber kit.

Giving some final touches to the car, Golden Eagle themes on black carbon fiber body will give a show off look on the road.

CR-X has made a tremendous comeback on the road of Japan and other parts of South East Asia. Time will tell how the most admired model will impact the demanding times of today.

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