Guide to Honda Civic Tuning

Tue, 08/02/2016 - 02:58

One of the finest cars that is ideal for the aftermarket car tuning work is the Honda Civic. It has been around for a very long time and it is well developed. Because of this, the engines are strong, legendary reliable and have too much to offer to the potential Civic tuner.

There are a variety of styling parts available with plenty of Civic body kits and exhausts. Civic has probably more parts than any other model of car.

Regarding the tuning tips for Honda Civic:

All engines of Honda and strong, rev happy and reliable. In fact to yield more results out of them, they need rev fairly hard.


The clever mechanism is known as VTEC mechanism that alters the camshaft timing to deliver more air to the engine. This makes an effect f having two cars – a calm economical family car and a screaming sports hatch.

When it comes to tuning, the non VTEC engines are not incredible so an engine swap is ideal and have a 70% power hike, addition it will be better base to work from. If a person possesses a non VTEC engine then the tips for car tuning will focus to improve the handling and braking of these models of smaller engines. This will make a fun car that will give an enjoyable drive.

The engine of choice is the 1.8 VTEC. The one installed in the Integra displays the performance of the Honda engine. The Honda engines do not seem to be compatible with the old rules of 100hp per 1000cc.

Some crazy conversions to the 2.2 Prelude VTEC engine have also been seen and there have also been conversions in turbo engine.

Although these have been done, they are not suitable for the feint hearted ones and they really need plenty of skill and thought to achieve. A novice tuner or a person having a limited budget with a VTEC engine then following modifications can be done.

As the engines are happy when they are revved hard, this has to be exploited. A set of good exhaust headers will help in the flow of the exhaust engines from the engine.

The best suited to the Honda engines are the A 4 to 1 pipe setup. A sports kit can be fitted and then some modifications can be done like air intake, fast road cams, sports exhaust and port matching. Enlarging the valves and a 3 angle valve job will also free up few more ponies.

For the power crazy fans, there is always an option of installing a turbo or supercharger. Another option that can be considered is adding nitrous injection kits that can alone add 50bhp additional power to the engine.

Other modifications

Brake upgrades are ideal and they should also be considered. A 6 pot caliper is probably an excess but it will really be useful to the car for stopping. This can be mated with a larger brake disk and high friction sports pads that will help the driver to be able to stop at a considerable shorter distance.

Handling mods are also ideal to consider for Civic, it is recommended to get a fully adjustable suspension kits that will suit one’s driving style. If car is preferred to be lowered then 40mm is good and exceeding this will need a change in the suspension geometry to get the arches rolled.

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