Ford Atlas Concept - Video and Gallery

Mon, 01/21/2013 - 14:17
Ford Atlas Concept pickup is an example of the future of the concept design, fuel-efficient, and intelligent technologies in it. Ford Atlas Concept interior also features themed style, comfort, utility and refinement. Ford Atlas Concept uses EcoBoost gasoline engines with Auto Start-Stop technology. Turbo engine is believed to be 20% more efficient and 15% lower CO2 emissions compared with larger engines. Ford also complete with active aerodynamic elements such as the Active Grille Shutters, Shutters Active Wheel. With the combination of the features / technologies above, you can save almost 1 km / liter of fuel. Active Grille Shutters applied in the Ford Focus. Regulatory-automatic air-conditioning (automatic shutters) behind the grille will remain open if the engine needs extra cooling as congestion, slow cars, and hot weather. -Closing the cover will close automatically when the car takes aerodynamics endorsement like speeding down the freeway). While Active Wheel Shutters on the wheel. Automatic Shutters hidden behind the wheel when the car is stopped and walked slowly. When the speeding car, shutters will close automatically.

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