Five car care tips and a product review

Mon, 10/10/2016 - 00:56

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In any metropolitan area, parking is a hot commodity – and an expensive one at that.  There aren’t many rental buildings in the D.C. area that offer parking; and if they do, it can cost upwards of $100 or more per month. Luckily, I reside in one of Arlington’s hidden gems. We receive one free parking space (with a 2 bedroom rental) and I pay just $30 a month for a 3/4 covered parking spot in the building next door that’s owned by the same property management company.I love having an inexpensive way to keep my car protected, but it frustrates me how the slightest bit of rain gets the back-end of my white car filthy. And don’t even get me started on the guys who blow the leaves in autumn, stirring up dirt and creating a layer of dust all over my taffeta white 2007 Honda Civic Si sedan. (What can I say? I like my car to be squeaky clean!)The folks at Empire Covers recently contacted me and asked if I would review one of their latest products. Interested to read my thoughts on their new Titan cover, the company sent me one to keep Spike cozy and dry.Investing in a cover for your vehicle is a great solution for those who must park on the street or anywhere outdoors. Car covers not only keep your vehicle dry during inclement weather, but they also protect your vehicle’s paint and interior from sun damage.  But before I give you my thoughts about the cover I received from Empire Covers, here are five tips when using a car cover:

  1. Decide what purpose a car cover would serve. Is it just to keep dust off? Do you just want to keep it dry? Or do you need it to withstand harsh weather conditions?
  2. Buy a cover that is specifically made for your vehicle class (SUV, sedan, compact, etc.)
  3. Learn how to correctly place the cover over your car and remove it.
  4. Don’t let it touch the ground, especially the soft interior that goes against the vehicle. You don’t want any grit rubbing against the paint.
  5. Store it properly in a clean bag (often provided with the cover) and in a dry place (most people keep it in their trunk).

Empire Covers Titan 4L Car Cover Review:

I received the Titan 4L car cover in a nondescript package a few weeks ago. Inside was an invoice and a custom storage pouch containing the cover. Inside the box there were no informational materials about the cover, nothing directing me to learn more about the product or the company that made it. Had I not been expecting the package, I wouldn’t have known what it was or who it was from.Soon after unpacking the cover, the weather turned rainy and wet – perfect conditions for testing out a protective vehicle garment. I had just had my car cleaned and I was glad that I could keep it that way. I recruited my husband to help. We quickly and easily installed and secured the cover thanks to its all-elastic perimeter seam. I found the safety clasps that keep the wind from blowing the cover off especially innovative and handy.

The Titan 4L car cover is well-made with high-quality materials. It has four layers of protective materials, which makes it 100 percent waterproof. And the soft fleece lining is oh, so delicate against the car’s paint job. The ultrasonically welded seams ensure that no grime seeps its way through the cover and dirties up your car. Read the full product details at the Empire Covers website.When it came time to remove the cover after a week of rainy weather, I found that it successfully kept my car dry and grit-free. The only tricky part was that I couldn’t get all of the water to roll off of it, meaning I didn’t feel the car cover was dry enough to fold it up and store it. That meant I had to air it out in my apartment over the weekend, which was not ideal.Overall, the product is definitely high quality, and it does what it says it does. I think that a car cover is a great investment for anyone who has to park on the street and is as particular about keeping their vehicle in as good of condition as I am. My only feedback for the folks at Empire Covers would be to tighten up the delivery of their products, especially when asking for a blogger’s review.Car Cover GiveawayAlso part of my conversation with the company was a contest where one of my readers could have the chance to win a car cover of their own. Stay tuned for more details on that in the near future!!

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