Fisker Karma Gets a Price Hike, Agian!

Fri, 09/24/2010 - 19:24

The whole point of electric cars, at least when they first came along, used to be economy. But Fisker changed all that with their Karma which wants to be the first uber-lux electric sedan.

But obviously that’s not going to be easy becasue it’s a tall order mixing economy and luxury! As a result Fisker had to increase the price of the Karma twice since they first announced it.

The initial price of the Fisker Karma was $80,000, then they thought Federal incentives would help so the MSRP was raised to $87,900. And now it gets a remarkable hike up to $95,900!

And that is of course the base price. The pricing for the for the range is as follows:

  • Eco Standard: $95,900
  • Eco Sport: $103,900
  • Eco Chic: $108,900

And if add some options it’ll cost even more: Tri-Tone Leather Interior: $2,200, Diamond Dust Paint: $3,000, “Special Paint”: $3,000. All that mind, customers in Karma’s targeted market don’t really care about the price, so it should be fine!

via: MotorWard

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