Fisker Atlantic is to be built in Delaware?

Sat, 04/21/2012 - 19:08

Fisker Atlantic is one of the newest cars which debuted at the start a few days ago at New York Auto Show. Many reactions that occur during the emergence of these vehicles, begun from the reaction of the styling is very good and also about the fact that these vehicles may be more affordable than the Karma. By reason of the stretcher can be confirmed as the expectations of the future.

But there are some problems in the construction of Fisker Atlantic. This vehicle it shall be built according to plan at the former GM plant Delaware, but the company’s CEO reportedly said that “the entire plan has changed.”

According to Tom LaSorda, CEO of Fisker, Delaware is still the preferred choice for production.  But there are some other considerations for the construction of these vehicles if the production of which is not too expensive, the production will be shifted elsewhere, and even Finland.  But if you only think to produce quickly, Delaware is the right choice for this place because all they need is a paint shop.

Fisker Executive Chairman Henrik Fisker said some time ago a case that was launched from the web automotive identifies that he has seen several other strategic partnerships and everything is possible. And he also said that Fisker Atlantic will be built with or without the DOE.

So we wait for further news about the production Fisker Atlantic, will be built in Delaware? Or elsewhere?

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