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Fri, 11/07/2014 - 02:43
Earlier this fall, I had the opportunity to attend Kia’s national media introduction of the new, all-electric 2015 Kia Soul EV and Sedona in sunny Dana Point, California. Views were breathtaking at the beautiful St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort, where we were accommodated (did I mention there was a private beach?). Photo Credit: Greg Jarem The first night in Dana Point included a food truck dinner with live music and an outdoor movie with popcorn.
Greater California entertaining this evening. #KiaCali — Zippy Sandler (@zipporahs) September 25, 2014
Oh, and there were caricatures, too … what do you think of mine? The next morning, we learned all about the new 2015 Kia Soul EV and Sedona from product teams and engineers. Soon after, we hit the SoCal roads to test out the new vehicles. Photo Credit: Greg Jarem

The 2015 Kia Soul EV

Photo Credit: Greg Jarem Up first for me was the Soul EV. This was only the second electric car I’d ever driven and it was a blast. The fun-to-drive Soul EV is a practical size and the cool blue one I drove, turned lots of heads in SoCal. Like in the BMW i3, I was most comfortable driving the car with the ECO mode turned off since it felt most like a regular car. Although electric, the Soul EV has a respectable amount of pick-up, which makes the driver feel confident while merging onto highways, etc. On a full charge, the electric hatchback has a range of 93 miles. This range is great for those who live in the city, but for those (like me) who drive longer distances, it would be hard to avoid having your next charge time at top of mind. On to pricing … the Soul EV starts at $33,700. Kia has done a solid job on its first all-electric car but, as I mentioned before, I’m not ready to commit to an EV since I live in Central Florida, where adoption of EVs is not huge just yet. Personally, if I was ready, I’d throw an extra $8k toward the BMW i3 but I may be biased because of my trust toward the brand. Peek inside the Kia Soul EV below:
The @kia Soul EV has best in class range of 93 miles (second to @TeslaMotors‘ Model S) #KiaCali — Best Cars Guide (@BeCarChic) September 25, 2014
FL folks can pre cool the car remotely – New Englanders can pre-heat!!! #SoulEV #kiacali — Zippy Sandler (@zipporahs) September 25, 2014
It’s all about me. #KiaCali Best feature on new Soul EV. — Keith Griffin (@indepthauto) September 25, 2014
Would you spring for the new Soul EV? Why or why not?

The 2015 Kia Sedona

Photo Credit: Greg Jarem The 2015 Kia Sedona is “not just a minivan – it’s way more,” said the product team. The redesigned Sedona appeals to more than soccer moms and chauffeur dads. Active people can depend on the spacious Sedona to accommodate all of their needs, from surfboards to bicycle gear. Upon hopping into the Sedona after driving the Soul EV, I was thrilled to hear the roaring of an engine. The seats were comfortable and overall driver’s experience was rather luxurious. The Sedona handled very well through the curvy, mountain roads we drove it on – I was a tiny bit nervous but we made it! How much for this people hauler, you say? The Sedona will set you back upwards of $26,000. Admittedly, I don’t think I’ll be buying a Sedona anytime soon (I like my sedans) but see below for fun facts from my raving friends:
Speed and curfew alerts on the 2015 @kia Sedona?! As a #mom this is AWESOME!!!! #KiaCali — Simply Real Moms (@SimplyRealMoms) September 25, 2014
@TheItMom WOWZA! Love the innovative first class lounge style seating of the new Kia Sedona! It’d make me love road trips more! #KiaCali — Daisy Teh (@TheItMom) September 25, 2014
This isn’t the mommy van I remember @kia #Sedona for our generation #KiaCali — Zippy Sandler (@zipporahs) September 25, 2014
Blind spot detection, lane departure warning, advanced smart cruse control are just a few safety features to the 2015 @kia Sedona #kiacali — Simply Real Moms (@SimplyRealMoms) September 25, 2014
Do you have anything to add to this article? Sound off in the comments below! Disclaimer:  Kia Motors America paid for one contributor to attend and cover the launch of this vehicle. Travel, accommodations, meals, and branded gifts (“swag”) were provided as part of this event. While we appreciate all that manufacturers do to ensure our safe travels and creature comforts while participating in such a program, we remain committed to sharing our honest opinion on and evaluation of their vehicles.

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