Fiat to Launch new generation Fiat Bravo Rival for Volkswagen Golf

Fri, 01/13/2012 - 11:11
Italian car manufacturer, Fiat, is preparing the new generation Fiat Bravo as the strongest competitor’s similar car, the Volkswagen Golf. The plan, the car was marketed in 2013. However, the latest generation of the Fiat Bravo was a fairly radical change compared to previous generations. Sergio Marchione, Chief Executive Officer of Fiat, Bravo admitted that newer high-roofed over the roof of the Nissan Qashqai adapts. In the first year after the launch of both record sales are not much different. However, in subsequent years, sales lagged by Bravo colleague. Data research institutes and data providers’ famous British automotive industry, JATO Dynamics Ltd., said, throughout 2010 and then Qashqai sold 216,091 units. At the same time, Bravo is only sold 44,850 units. Nevertheless, Fiat still keeps optimism this car will sells well in the future. Fiat also made a series of changes. One of them using the design and became a crossover Qashqai. Only, until now there has been no information that will be carried Happenings machine replacement is Bravo. However, it is estimated there are two engine variants, namely gasoline and diesel. Gasoline engine with a capacity for 1600 and 1,800 cc four-cylinder engine and equipped with Multijet technology. Engine power output reached 125 and 140 bhp. In fact, the highest type of gasoline engine with turbocharger expected to produce power 200 bhp. The estimated capacity for 1300 diesel engine, 1600, and 2,000 cc.

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