Fiat 500C and Punto Evo Abarth EsseEsse

Thu, 04/15/2010 - 19:03

If the normal Abarth-tuned Fiat 500C and Punto Evo are not hot enough for your tatse, then you should get the Esseesse version.

They are supped up versions of the same car featuring more aggressive body design, more powerful engines, faster performance and indeed fatter price tag.

But they will be worth it becasue apart from everything, they’ll be highly exclusive and very very cool. Specially the 500C which has a reputation for being a car for girls, becomes much more macho with the Abarth treatment and that makes it suitable for both genders!


The 500C esseesse comes with an elegant Campovolo grey and Pista grey two-tone livery with a white chromatic liner, and features a Monza exhaust silencer (dual mode with variable counterpressure) that enhances the engine sound above 4000 rpm. That engine makes 160 HP and torque of 230 Nm, which enables the car to do 0-100 km/h  in just 7.6 seconds and reach top speed of 209 km/h.


As for the Punto, it gets a Campovolo Grey body, named after the airfield, still operational today, and 18’’ alloys in a special titanium-coloured esseesse design. This car’s engine will deliver 180 HP and maximum torque of 270 Nm at  3000 rpm, top speed of  216 km/h and acceleration from 0-100 km/h in just  7.5 seconds.

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