Ferrari Announces Record Sales in China

Wed, 09/19/2012 - 10:40

China’s auto market appears to now rapidly growing and increasingly lucrative for car makers.

How not, many of the worlds automotive giants last year said they achieved success in terms of sales in the country in China.

Upper middle class there are enjoying the drastic economic development, allowing more people who choose to buy the car including the car supercar.

After General Motors, now turn the Italian supercar manufacturer of cars, Ferrari is making a fortune there.

Ferrari recently announced managed to sell nearly as many as 300 units of supercars in the country lasts year.

According to Ferrari, if sales figures for Hong Kong and Taiwan added (the nearest state of China), then China will become one of the five important market for Ferrari in the international world.

In China, the number nine has the special significance, because it is considered lucky and represents longevity. So, the Italian company will hold a special event in Shanghai on January 14 next, to celebrate the subscriber to 999 in the country.

According to the supercar maker from Maranello, the success in China were achieved as a result of the company’s attention to the local market in recent years.

Last year, the official network structure has been repaired and new partners have been selected to increase the number of dealers.

Ferrari is also planning to open a new dealership in several different cities in the months ahead.

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