Ferrari 458's V8 Named Best Performance Engine 2011

Sat, 08/13/2011 - 11:05
Fiat group took home may awards this year at the 2011 International Engine of the Year Awards. A couple of them have been snatched by Ferrari, namely the brilliant 458 Italia model which won both categories of Best Performance Engine as well as winning the Above 4-litre category. The utterly magnificent 4.5 liter V8 engine which is built in a high-tech lab in Ferrari factory in Maranello by super advanced robots, makes a massive 570 CV, torque of 540 Nm and a sound that can start earthquake. The closest rival to this engine is the Mercedes SLS’ 6.2 liter naturally aspirated V8 which makes 571 CV but that is in a whole different category. The Merc’s engine is like a sledgehammer, while the Fezza’s V8 is like a one of those precision tools that brain surgeons use in the OR! It is an engineering marvel. Ferrari press release: The 4499 cc V8 engine powering the Ferrari 458 Italia has won two categories in the prestigious 2011 International Engine of the Year Awards, taking the accolade of Best Performance Engine as well as winning the Above 4-litre category. The jury for the awards is made up of 76 motoring journalists from 36 countries who assess engineering excellence in engines in terms of driveability, performance, economy and refinement. In assigning the awards the jury also praised the 458 Italia’s engine for its unmistakable sound. The awards were received by Jean Jacques His, head of Ferrari powertrain department. Ferrari’s dry-sump, flat-crank, 90-degree V8 sets a number of firsts for a naturally-aspirated engine of this displacement. Representing the peak of engine technology, the V8 reaches a maximum of 9,000 rpm – a first on a road car – with a high 12.5:1 compression ratio and maximum power output of 570 CV. This equates to an outstanding power output of 127 CV/litre, a new benchmark. The generous torque available – 540 Nm at 6000 rpm, with over 80 per cent available from 3250 rpm – ensures rapid pick-up from all revs. The specific torque output of 120 Nm/l is another record. The design of the engine components has been influenced by the carry-over of racing technology – F1 in particular – for maximum fluid-dynamic efficiency in order to achieve both performance and fuel consumption objectives, and meet the most stringent international emissions restrictions. With the introduction of the HELE (High Emotions Low Emissions) system, the 570 CV V8 now produces a best-in-class 275 g/km of CO2 with fuel consumption of just 11.8 l/100 km (ECE + EUDC combined cycle).

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