Electric Fuel Pump Guide

Fri, 03/06/2009 - 13:20

Introduction to Electric fuel Pump:

In the majority of modern cars the fuel pump is normally electric and found inside the fuel tank. In fuel lines, pump creates positive pressure, causes the gas pushing to the engine. The high gasoline pressure increases the boiling point. There are certain positive things that come up by placing the electric fuel pump in the tank. For instance, it puts the component least to hold gasoline vapor well furthest from the engine, covered in cool liquid. Another benefit is that it keeps away from starting a fire. Although, some electrical components (for example a fuel pump) can spark and fire fuel vapors, liquid fuel will not blow up. Hence, putting the pump in tank is the safest place at all. The electric fuel pumps in majority of cars deliver a constant flow of gasoline to the engine and fuel not used is retrieved to the tank. This trims down the possibility of the fuel boiling and hence adds to the life of the pump. And it allows lighter piece of equipment to be utilized and lessen electrical load as well.

Electronic Control Unit:

Fuel injected cars usually have an ECU i.e. Electronic Control Unit which could be programmed with protection logic that deactivate the fuel injector even in case if the engine is running. If a collision occurs, his will put off fuel leaking from any fuel line

Some cars may have an inertia switch which is normally found under the front passenger seat that is tripped in a response of an impact or a roll over valve that will shut the fuel pump when the car overturns.

In case of low or zero oil pressure; some ECU’s may be programmed to shut off the fuel pump for example in case if the engine has a terminal malfunction.

Fuel sending Unit Assembly:

The fuel sending unit assembly can be an arrangement of filter, electric fuel pump, and the electronic device (which is usually utilized to measure the fuel amount in the tank by means of a float joined with a sensor which generally sends data to dash mounted fuel gauge.

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