Driven | 2015 Ford Expedition EL Platinum

Thu, 04/02/2015 - 21:07
Ford has done it again with its 2015 Expedition. Having had several Expeditions at home growing up, it’s nice to see that Ford has kept the Expedition true to form over the years, boasting the comfort and spaciousness of an SUV coupled with the tow and off-road capabilities of a pick-up truck.


I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked the new 3.5L EcoBoost V6 engine in the 2015 Ford Expedition. The smaller (did I mention turbo-boosted?) engine, allows for quicker pick-up and more power overall. (I had to frequently eye the speedometer to make sure I wasn’t speeding.) Although full-size SUVs like the Expedition are often labeled “gas-guzzlers,” Ford is taking the right steps to change that. For one, Ford is dropping the V8 engine from the entire Expedition line-up. This may sound crazy to some of you loyal to the original Expedition.
In need of a full-size people-hauler? You can rest a bit more at ease thanks to better fuel economy and decreased environmental impact from the 2015 Ford Expedition.


Upon climbing into the driver’s seat, I was instantly impressed with the quality of the leather (luxury perforated leather to be specific) on the front two bucket seats, which were extremely comfy. It’s seriously surprising how many people the Expedition accommodates safely – it holds EIGHT PEOPLE – that seems like a lot from my small car-loving self. The Expedition is stocked with plenty of compartments to allow for easy storage and retrieval or your favorite in-car knick-knacks. Heck, the center compartment is big enough to fit a purse (hear that, ladies?). Like, a real purse. I’m sure it just as easily accommodates “murses” too, guys… Ford has been honing in on balancing the right amount of technology available in their vehicle line-up, and that includes this new Expedition. On the inside, displays feature beautiful designs with menus that are large enough to read and to navigate clearly. After my jaunt with the Expedition, I’ve become a fan of the Ford SYNC touch/voice-activated communications and infotainment system. The system functioned properly, was very intuitive and it paired with my phone effortlessly. This is the kind of technology all vehicles should feature so that drivers can enjoy their drive without the need to navigate confusing menus, which could lead to distracted driving. Here at Best Cars Guide, we take a strong stance against distracted driving and encourage you to never become distracted by technology (among other things) while driving and only make necessary adjustments when your vehicle is at a complete stop. Join me in applauding Ford for helping drivers keep their eyes on the road thanks to a system that actually understands what we’re saying. On sort of random note, I might have short arms or maybe I lean my seat a little too far back, but the infotainment system could be a little easier to reach from both the driver’s and passenger’s seated position. While not a major inconvenience, it would be nice if it extended outward a little more.

Cargo for Days

In older Expedition models you may have had to choose between passengers in your third row or all their cargo. I was impressed with how that’s not at all the case with the 2015 Expedition Platinum. You could pack 8 people in this SUV and still have room for their luggage, equipment, dogs (crated, of course) and more. No more opening the rear glass window to cram things into small cargo compartments.
My Ford Expedition Favorite Features:
  • Digital Cluster: I loved the double digital screen set-up in the cluster, which both looked great and featured easy-to-navigate display options.
  • Blind Spot Detection: When it comes to driving a vehicle as large as the Expedition EL, it’s pretty much vital to have blind spot detection technology. I won’t lie, I was a lot more comfortable knowing that I had this feature to support my judgment.
  • Remote Start System: I live in Florida, so it’s nice to already have the A/C going when I’m ready to leave instead of hopping in a scorching hot car.

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