Does Keeping Your Car in a Garage Make a Difference?

Tue, 11/21/2017 - 09:38

Does Keeping Your Car in a Garage Make a Difference?

It’s a rarity to find a car owner that will consider hiding their beauty away in a garage. However, there are many advantages to putting your car back in the garage instead of keeping it in the driveway.


But how effective is that in the long run? Take a look at the options and see for yourself before you put it away — or not!

The Reality of the Junk Garage

It’s important to mention one thing: many of us don’t use our garage in its intended way, and as a result, they tend to become glorified closets.

In fact, 1 in 4 Americans puts so many things in theirs they can’t fit their car. If it’s reorganized correctly — and the right items are disposed of — then maybe you can put the car back in. That in itself might just be worth your time.

How the Curb Can Kick Your Car

A car that’s parked by the curb is at risk from many factors. It can receive damage from other cars passing by, pedestrians or by other objects of all kinds. Even worse, there’s always the threat of your car being stolen! In fact, there are so many risks that insurance companies offer what’s commonly referred to as “parked car insurance” (even though that’s not it’s real name). Parked car insurance covers things like theft and natural disasters that may occur when your car is on the street or left unattended.

There’s an added level of safety when you park your car in a driveway, and even more if you choose to park inside the garage.

The Convenience of a Garage


There are minor perks that come from putting your car inside your garage instead of leaving it in the driveway. You don’t have to worry about getting your clothes wet by running outside, for example. Also, taking groceries out of the car and into the home is made a lot easier as well. And for those DIY mechanics among us, you get an added level of privacy when you work on the car.

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The Elements Choose Your Garage Options

When the chill of the winter comes in, there comes a time to put away your sports car until sunnier days. That’s the conventional wisdom most people are taught. So, after you make sure your car is ready for the winter, here’s what winter garage storage can do for (or to) your car:

  • Pro: You don’t have to brave the cold and scrape ice off your windows.
  • Pro: Heating your car isn’t much of an issue — it might warm up faster.
  • Con: The salt-snow mix that enters the garage will melt and stay in the garage and the car, speeding up the formation of rust.

Don’t think that just because the summer brings out warm and sunny days, you can’t get more out of keeping it inside. Here’s what you get:

  • Pro: The car is protected from constant UV damage of the exterior and interior.
  • Pro: There is added protection from harsh weather storms like hailstorms
  • Con: Like with the snow, if you’re in a sandy area with a lot of seawater, the sun and salt combination can cause damage.

When you decide to put your car away for long periods of time in the summer, you should also keep track of many hot climate factors while you have it in the garage.

Final Word: Outdoors or Indoors?

It’s debatable whether a car will last just as long outside as it would inside. As the evolution of car design has continued, some models now enjoy fewer issues with wear and tear while being exposed to the elements outdoors. Many cars are now being built with great rust prevention measures, along with other upgrades that make keeping a car outside a bit more appealing.

But if you look at all the advantages that a well-planned and convenient garage can offer you, including protection from the elements, you might have one more reason to engage in a bit of Spring Cleaning at the next opportunity.

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