Customizing the Suzuki M109r

Fri, 08/13/2010 - 11:04

Suzuki M109r is a powerful and stylish bike that is custom-made for its owners as per their riding needs. The fabulous thing about this bike is that its components can be easily modified or replaced from Suzuki dealerships or its official parts providers with number of accessories. Choosing parts for a Suzuki M109r is very easy as you have to decide that in which style you want to dress your bike. However, technicality is involved in installation of its various components and equipments. One should set realistic prospect for the customized bike as there is lot of cost, time and skill required to complete it.

One of the pitfalls of Suzuki M109r is that it is slightly difficult in manufacturing and assembling due to technical issues involved as compared to other bikes. Some of the useful steps are mentioned as under to make your dream motorbike:

  1. In order to generate more power and loud roar in the motor you have to install the performance air-intake system. When the air is pulled with increased fuel level in the motor it builds more power.
  2. For optimum performance and fine-tune of the fuel; install the Electronic Fuel Injection control unit. It is considered critical in the modification of the exhaust and air intake systems, because the fuel level and air flow has to be compensated carefully.
  3. For fast exit of exhaust gases, power build-up and high roar use the Suzuki M109r exhaust system. It has many variations like dual pipes and two-in-one race pipes.

The key-points that are vital in the comfort, chassis and controls of the Suzuki M109r are discussed as follows:

  1. Do replace the firm stock bike saddle with the market bike saddle. It helps to raise your comfort level while riding for long journeys. These seats are designed according to the body requirements of the rider that give extra cution and support to the body. Mostly these seats have foam but may have a gel placed in for a more comfortable experience.
  2. Add a set of two extended risers that help the taller riders to grab the handlebars much closer to them. It lessens any discomfort if any in reaching the handlebar.
  3. Install the chrome parts to the bike by replacing components of stock body. In Suzuki M109r many body parts can be replaced with gleaming chromes like the covers of shaft drive, brake master cylinder reservoir and clutch inspection.
  4. Reposition your license plate on the rear axle of bike. It can be positioned horizontally or vertically, but the plate bracket should be placed as per local traffic laws.

For the customization of Suzuki M109r brakes and wheels the following interesting tips should be kept in mind:

  1. Install brake lines of stainless steel in place of stock brake lines. These brakes’ contract less because the brake calipers gets high hydraulic pressure from them. This amplifies the effectiveness of the brakes and gives a spotless look to the bike.
  2. Swap brake rotors with wave style rotors. They are found to be very effective in high performance ride and reduce load. Also replace the brake pads while swapping the rotors for best results.
  3. Use sham aluminum wheels instead of original Suzuki M109r stock wheels. These wheels prove to be lighter in weight than the original ones, enhancing the bike’s speed. These sham wheels come in different shapes and styles to fit your personal requirements.

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