Custom Designing a Car

Tue, 06/07/2016 - 08:09

For the sake of your interest you may want to custom design a car for you. Basically there are three things that together complete the overall theme of your vehicle. These include stance, paint or graphics and wheel plus tire combination. All of these things should be vigilantly considered while designing achieve the desired look and appearance. You will find all essential things about custom designing a car in this piece of writing.

Selecting Wheels and Tires:

To begin designing your car, first of all find the most suitable wheels and tires for your car. Normally large wheels and tires play important role in case of your overall ride height and you should choose them initially. The important thing here is that the wheel should properly fill in its place and for this reason there are some mechanical limitations to consider as well. For instance the unibody construction of vehicles today doesn’t use tubs. There is just one or two inch extra room you have, and ensure that you utilize the factory offset. Original sizes of tires plus factory wheels are required for full restoration design. On the other hand, custom design will require aftermarket wheels and diverse diameter tires. Remember that various types of ride have various types of wheels for instance a low rider has one type of wheel that is different form rod road. provides with a wheel and tire selector that will help you to see what kind of tires and wheels look better on your car

After choosing tires and wheels for your custom design, you can now decide how much to lower. This amount of ride height decline is mainly determined by the overall theme of your car. Air suspensions are used for a low rider to give maximum acceptable drop. On the other hand hot rods and street machines are lowered by means of springs to attain a specific look. This is done on the basis of personal interests.

A well known name Eibach is a most popular manufacturer for lowering springs and works for about any vehicle. Eibach uses a Eibach Proline Kit with springs that slightly lower the car and hold factory ride quality. In case if you require a more firm drop, Sportline Kits can help you in this regard that is able to lower as much as 2 inches. Although provides with a suspension selector through which you can observe how your car will look at different ride heights, along with diverse tire sizes.

Graphics and Paint:

Here comes the most important thing you have to carefully decide about. Try to choose the most appropriate graphics and paint for your design to give it finest look. As part-time paint jobs and badly preferred graphics can easily destroy a design. So take your time to decide on a suitable graphic or paint scheme that most go with your design.
A number of graphics and paint shops are available online that can help you choose your best option.

For instance has a design program through which you can see what kind of graphics or paint will best suit your custom design. After selecting graphics and paint now find an artist who does high quality work.

For obtaining the quality work you may have to pay thousands of dollars. To make a solid base of graphics you ought to have a repaint work for your design and after that still you need to pay out a lot of time detailing and smoothing to acquire the desired finish.

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