Citroen DS3 Cabrio

Fri, 01/13/2012 - 09:50
Citroen expand the lovely DS3′s range by adding a new cabrio version to it. TO be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show next month, the DS3 Cabrio is not a cabrio as such, but rather a hatchback with a soft top that opens and closes in 16 seconds. That means you get the same space and practicality as you would with the conventional hatchback, while enjoying the open-top experience. Sounds like a great compromise. Continuing DS3’s personalisation options, three soft-top roof styles will be available – black, Infinite blue and a DS Monogrammed design.The interior too gets new colors and trims ot match the funky exterior. Technical specs are yet to be confirmed, but the engine lineup will probably be the same a the hatchback model. More details in Citroen press release below: Injecting fresh modernity into the cabriolet segment, DS3 Cabrio offers drivers:
  • an electrically operated roof up to motorway speeds
  • the only adult 5-seater in the class
  • the largest boot in the class
DS3 CABRIO: FIRST DETAILS At 3.95m long, 1.71m wide and 1.46 m high, DS3 Cabrio retains the hatchback’s compact and agile proportions. All the bold styling choices are retained, from the ‘floating’ two-tone roof and dynamic ‘shark fin’, to the sculpted front-end with its instantly recognisable LED daytime running light signature. The soft-top roof becomes a new source of personalisation, available in a range of colours and designs that add to the model’s unique personality. DS3 Cabrio owners can specify one of seven body colours with the folding roof available in three designs – black, Infinite blue and DS Monogramme. The sophisticated Infinite blue soft-top uses three different coloured threads – one of which is shiny – each reacting differently to changes in light conditions and creating delicate hues of blue and violet. The DS logo, now synonymous with refinement and style, features on the Monogramme roof in a subtle design achieved by two contrasting Jacquard grey tones with Moondust grey. Inside, DS3 Cabrio is just as distinctive with:
  • White LED ambient lighting on the ceiling-mounted console, which is home to the roof opening control
  • White lighting around the instrument cluster and automatic air conditioning displays
  • A high-end feel and outstanding acoustic comfort from the inner-lining of the soft-top roof
  • All-new upholstery including Granit blue leather and Akinen weft available in Mistral (dark grey), Chic brown and Infinite blue
Decors on the dashboard strip, air vent surrounds and gear stick knob are also colour-coded to the body paint and soft-top. Six decors are available – grey, Brillant black, white, Carbotech, Infinite blue and Moondust grey. The rear also features a new three-dimensional LED light signature. The all-new 3D LED tail-light technology was inspired by the designs on Citroën’s Revolte and Survolt concept cars. The central part of the light is comprised of a rectangular set of 31 LEDs and semi-reflecting mirrors that reflect the light guide into infinity. The 3D unit illuminates at night when the headlamps are turned on and in daylight during braking. A 15-LED blade on the upper part of the light emphasises the 3D unit and acts as both side and stopping lights. In an elegant piece of detailing, the 3D light features a chrome-finished DS logo set in an embossed black DS setting. A chrome-finished handle also highlights the top of the tailgate. The DS3 Cabrio combines the benefits of a classic cabriolet with those of a hatchback:
  • The roof takes just 16 seconds to fully close, up to speeds of 120km/h (75mph). A button on the ceiling console opens the roof to three positions: intermediate, horizontal and total. Even in the horizontal setting, rear passengers get a completely clear view overhead.
  • The top quality soft-top material delivers standard-setting soundproofing, comparable to that of a hatchback when closed. When the roof is open, an aerodynamic deflector net springs up to provide optimum acoustic comfort by deflecting air currents and preventing air buffeting.
  • Occupant space is maintained with five adult seats, plus DS3 Cabrio features the largest boot in its class at 245-litres. Unusually for the segment, DS3 Cabrio offers the same cabin space as the hatchback and even retains the 60/40 split-folding rear bench.
  • The tailgate features an original opening mechanism, which uses a circular motion allowing owners to fully open the boot even when parked close to obstructions.
  • Aerodynamics identical to that of the hatchback (SCx of 0.69 m2), which maximises performance and helps to maintain low CO2 emissions. Modifications include adding a longer spoiler and aerodynamic deflectors on the quarter-light surrounds.

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