Chevrolet's 2014 Corvette Stingray steals the show

Sun, 01/27/2013 - 07:35
The Corvette has been a hot topic for months. Pictures and video frames were leaked, #Corvettepredictions were made via Twitter. Enthusiasts and journalists everywhere couldn’t wait any longer for January 13, 2013. All of that energy and enthusiasm collided last night when at least 2,000 people witnessed the highly-anticipated unveiling in a large warehouse on the outskirts of downtown Detroit. But those weren’t the only people who wanted to follow the action. According to a Chevy agency rep, nearly 165,000 people tuned in online to watch the reveal via live stream. Then it happened – the 2014 Corvette Stingray shed its sheath. The crowd roared. As soon as the cloth cover sashayed away, almost everyone in the audience (yours truly included) whipped out their cameras and smartphones to capture the moment. Adults stood on top of plastic chairs, clamoring to get a closer, less blurry snapshot. The vehicle on display quickly disappeared, becoming submerged behind the mass. Automakers don’t often get to have a moment like this. These big moments help define a turning point, they are a catalyst, within a car company. They are what keep the weary auto journalist energized after lengthy travel, late nights and early mornings, and standing on their feet for the better part of 18 hours in a given day. No, for me, the real excitement behind last night’s Corvette reveal was the meaning of it all – what it represented. It means that Chevy is back. The everyman, all-American sports car is back. And once again, we have an auto industry that is thriving, innovating and truly passionate about its future. Click here for the full press release.

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