Chevrolet Camaro In China

Sat, 11/09/2013 - 01:41

It took General Motors a while to get around launching the new generation Chevrolet Camaro in other markets than America. But it’s finally arriving in UK and China this year.

In China the Camaro will be showcased at Auto Shanghai 2011 in April and then goes on sale with a new name. They call it “Ke Mai Luo” in China which kinda sounds like Camaro!

They will only offer the V6-powered Camaro in China powered by the 3.6 liter engine for now and ask around RMB 500,000 for it. Chevrolet expects the Camaro to sell in great numbers in the constantly growing Chinese market. They are also relying all over again on the car’s role in the “Transformers” movie to promote the car. Camaro revival has been one of the most successful decisions GM has ever made, still it’s struggling to beat the mighty Mustang! Just like the old days.


Press Release:

No other sports car has maintained the personality that its original designer endowed it with over five generations like the Camaro. This has helped it preserve the loyalty of its customers throughout the years.

The legendary sports car – the Bumblebee Camaro from the Hollywood blockbuster “Transformers” – has arrived!

Shanghai GM recently announced that Chevrolet would showcase the Camaro at Auto Shanghai 2011 in April. It has been given a sonorous Chinese name: Ke Mai Luo.  The Camaro model with a 3.6-liter engine is expected to enter the Chinese market priced at around RMB 500,000.

Because of the popularity of “Transformers,” the Camaro has become a household name in .  Its introduction in is part of Shanghai GM’s strategy of growing the Chevrolet brand and moving it forward into high-end market segments.

In recent years, ‘s luxury sports car market has been flourishing, highlighted by the midsize luxury segment (priced at RMB 400,000 – 800,000), which grew 141 percent in 2010. This segment is dominated by cars with European design. The Camaro, with its “masculine” styling, will be a welcome addition.

Because of its outstanding performance, the Camaro has become an American legend. Since its debut in 1966, more than a million Camaros have been sold. Like the American car culture, the Camaro has evolved over the years, becoming a true symbol of American sports cars.

With the combination of its powerful modern American design, superior sporty performance and intelligent technology, the fifth-generation Camaro has captured fanatical passion in its home market since its launch in 2009. More than 80,000 units were sold in in 2010. It has received nearly every prestigious award in its market segment.

Camaro fans couldn’t forget the American muscle of Bumblebee when it metamorphosed into a cool sports car in “Transformers.” Just like Bumblebee, the Camaro is the representation of man’s most loyal partner and brotherhood, offering strength and a fighting spirit to pursue and realize dreams.

The new Camaro carries on the classic 1960s styling of the first generation while incorporating modern design language. Last year, the Camaro was named 2010 World Car Design of the Year by 48 professional automotive journalists from 22 countries around the world.

Both the performance and handling of the Camaro are very eye-catching. According to officially published information, the Camaro offered in will adopt a V-6 SIDI engine, which was named one of the World’s Ten Best Engines by “Ward’s Auto” in 2008 and 2009. The Camaro’s full-size rear-wheel-drive chassis was subjected to rigorous testing on ’s Nurburgring North Loop circuit, ensuring the passionate performance and stable handling of European sports cars.

The yet-to-be-unveiled Chinese version of the Camaro is still coated in a layer of mystery. Details such as product specifications, amenities and safety technology will not be announced until Auto Shanghai 2011. Local enthusiasts won’t have to wait long.  The Chinese version of the legendary story of Bumblebee will soon unfold before us.

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