Challenge Between 2013 Audi RS 5, 2011 BMW M3, and 2011 Cadillac CTS-V

Mon, 01/17/2011 - 07:23

The red angular coupe dashes and sways along the slender, radiantcurved roads like clouds spin around the menacing 11th cSchlossHohenwerfen, which is the same castle that appeared in1968 in the World War II suspense action movie, “Where Eagles Dare.” Previously, on the wide expanses of the freeway, hard-driven Volkswagens and Opelswere dispersed like dry fall leaves, roaring at 165 mph past them with a boosted sonic rumble. But deep in the territory of the adversary, raiding roads that have perfected the reflexes of many of the best German driver’s cars, with a Cadillac was initially intimidating.

Cadillac CTS-V Coupe vs.Audi RS 5 and BMW M3: European and American cars have been compared previously, but such accountsturned out to be more about a culture clash than a machinery match-up. However, this isnot the same. The 2011 CTS-V Coupe compresses strengthlike the CTS-V sedan inside a package that’s a bit smaller, relatively lighter, and a little bitswifter. Don’t forget that the CTS-V sedan is an automobile that has defeated Jaguar’s remarkable XFR and BMW’s celebrated M5-and put Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG in an embarrassing situation.

So, now it is America’s most fearless against Germany’s finest.

BMW’s M3 is the oldest of the three, but it appears to be improving with age just like a good bottle of red wine. Still unannounced is the recognizablefour-liter V-8 that reaches 414 HP at anear-piercing 8300 revolutions per minute, and Melbourne Red coupe is prepared with the superfast 7-speed double-grip automated manual shift. It is also equipped with the BMWnovel Competition Package, a $2500 package of delicacies including wider compensate 19-inch tires, the ride altitude reduced by 4/10 inch, and programmed again Dynamic Stability Control and Electronic Damper Control settings made to hone the dynamic responses of the car beyond the already surgical knifecapability of astandard M3.

The new Audi RS 5 is quite a sharp and short stab at the sun-powered plexus of the BMW. Ingolstadt’s engineers have reused the RS 5′s 4.2-liter V-8 in order to generate 444 HP at 8250 rpm. In addition, it contains a new 7-speed double-clutch automated manual shift. Just like BMW, Audi sticks to its legacy: the RS 5 is built on similar front drive-biased stage architecture like the A4 sedan. And to make up for that basic imbalance in its form (the front-to-rear weight distribution of the RS 5 is 58/42%, in comparison with 54/46 for the CTS-V Coupe and 51/49 for the M3) Audi engineers intended to produce a technical triumph.

The RS 5 is a Quattro, and to lessenrelatedunder steer, Audi has programmed its brake-management system to make possiblesome sort of 4-wheel torque vector take place. The software tracks steering of the driver and limits inputs to compute the best torque allocation possible. If the system discoversa slide from the wheels on the inside, it prompts a slimbrake application.

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