Car Rain Sensor

Thu, 10/29/2015 - 07:18
Car rain sensor is a must have device for the car lovers, but many of them don’t realize that this feature is of great use to be installed in all sorts of cars today. To understand the main purpose of the car rain sensor and how to use it is what will be explained here. The rain sensor is fixed up at the inner side of the windshields, close to the rear-view mirror. It reflects when the glass is dry and then it projects the infrared light inside the auto glass. During rain when windshield gets wet, even when small drops fall on it less lighted is reflected to the car rain sensor. As a result it activates the sensor and starts the wipers functioning automatically at the appropriate speed. The wipers speed is adjusted according to the changing intensities of rain water hitting the glass of the vehicle. Installation of the car rain sensor facilitates the car driver when it comes to safety, and thus the driver doesn’t have to worry about turning on the wipers of the windshield himself. It serves as the vital car feature for the beginners, whose main focus should be their safety. It also decreases the chances of frequent glass repair of the car. Using the car rain sensor in the car of a youngster or in the car of an adult; when shared with a youngster serves as a best way to educate him/her about the safety standards. In one of the reports published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) it was mentioned that the teenagers represent the majority of the vehicle accidents as both passengers and drivers. As per miles driven; the youngsters’ responsible for fatal crashes are three times more than the rest of the drivers when on road. The increased rate in such road crashes is basically due to the immature attitude, lack of driving experience along with overconfidence and thrill-seeking behavior of the young driver. During the awful weather conditions, the car rain sensor is a relief for the drivers because it helps to focus completely on the road rather being troubled while driving. Generally, the installation of the car rain sensor in the vehicle is particularly beneficial after the full substitution of the glass or a repair of the windshield. It helps the driver to start from a clean sheet. The car rain sensor is both affordable and simple in installation in the vehicle. It also serves as an added safety feature for both adults and youngsters alike. A driver can protect his/her family by fixing it in the car to avoid all sorts of disruptions, and enjoy a safer ride especially in poor weather conditions.

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