Car Polish vs. Glaze

Sat, 01/14/2012 - 07:50
Car polishes and glazes are two different things that have the same purpose to give your car’s paint the better shine and finish. Although glaze carry out, this task in two different methods. First think about your car paint to get a better look of your car. Car Polish vs. glaze: Considerations: While choosing among a car polish and a glaze first consider the condition of your car’s paint. These products just remove the slightest scratches and damages from the car paint surface but in case of severely damaged paint you have to first repaint your car. After that a car polish or a glaze can better do its job. So the most important thing here is to look at the overall paint of your car and then move ahead. Benefits: If you choose to polish your car rather than using glaze, it will easily remove oxidized paint thus giving car the rich factory color as it had before. Once you have done it, a quality wax preserves the shine. On the other hand, glaze does much better job as it protects the car’s shiny look. This gives a smooth, soft paint surface. Function: Car polishes take away oxidized paint to bring clean paint. They use solvents that are mixed up with fine abrasives that rub the surface clean. Consequently, it can also remove surface scratches as well as orange peel effect to give the paint itself a smoother finish. On the other hand, glaze doesn’t remove the paint rather they use solvents to take away the dust and remove scratches with resins. Hence it increases the surface smoothness and protects it from weather conditions as well. Effects: The after effects of polishing your car include a better shiny and smooth surface with oxidized surface layer removal. In this case, the car surface become more viable to be oxidized as it is not protected for future. Although glazing, seals as well as fills the surface scratches. This will not just give shine to the car surface but also protect it from further damages. Though, spoiled paint still remains under the glaze and consequently dulls the surface shine, and the paint color. Summary: After analyzing your car needs you can better select among car polish and glaze. If your car has faded paint and is old one then a polish and a glaze mixture will bring the most appropriate results. In case if you have a car with good paint, you can simply select a glaze to do its job for providing shine and protection to car’s surface

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