Buick Enclave 2010

Tue, 01/12/2010 - 23:30

The latest Buick Enclave has minimal changes compared to its previous releases. Buick Enclave is a SUV that has a similar structure with Chevrolet’s Traverse and Acadia’s GMC. Enclave consists of three models- base CX, mid-level CXL-1, and top-line CXL-2. The models have a horsepower of 288 with a 3.6 litre six cylinder engine. The mode of the vehicle is an automatic six speed transmission. Enclave can handle a haul with a weight of 4,500 lbs. All Enclave models are available in all wheel drive or front wheel drive. The car has a capacity to fit in seven passengers. An estimation of three passengers can fit in the 2nd row seats. The second row seats can be folded and slide to make it convenient for passengers to enter the 3rd row seat.

Protective gears include airbags in the front, side, and curtain portion, anti-lock four wheel brake system, antiskid system, tire pressure monitor, and daytime running lights. Other available features of the Enclave are the navigation system, high definition entertainment, camera located in the rear view, and climate control in the front seats.


Passengers will experience ease while travelling because of Enclave’s added comfort such as an air condition with climate control, cruise control, cloth upholstery, power operated windows, power operated door locks, remote keyless entry, complete entertainment from mp3 to DVD, wireless mobile phone linkage, outside temperature indicator, compass, and power liftgate.

Enclave can handle average situations in the road. Acceleration is smoother than the previous models because of its improved transmission. The vehicle runs for a mpg of 16.7 to 17.6 when driven in highway.  Fuel consumption is not economical. A regular fuel type is used for the car to function. The quality of ride in minor uneven surfaces can be controlled. The brakes are definitely sturdy and the steering is stable. The only problem it encounters is passing through narrow streets because of its wide structure. Enclave doesn’t produce too much noise. The noise from the outside is regulated well that only a minimal sound is heard inside the car. The engine produces a mild sound during acceleration.

Enclave’s interior ambience is superior. Premium materials like wood and chrome are used to highlight some designs. The seats are built high enough but access to entry and exit points are convenient. There is enough space at the back compartment for cargo when the 3rd row seat is folded. Enclave is spacious than other SUV’s.

Enclave’s flexibility for passengers and load space makes a practical option for consumers. The 2010 Buick Enclave can be purchased for a starting price of $35,515.

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