Brabus Package for Mercedes E-Class Cabrio

Wed, 08/04/2010 - 13:50

The most enigmatic tuner of the world Brabus launched their plan for the latest Mercedes E-class Cabrio including modifications of the chassis, engine body and interior. Performance upgrades for almost all of the petrol and diesel engines are offered by them ranging from 235 HP to 462 HP.

The tuning starts with the ECO Power kit of Extra D4 of the models of turbo diesel four cylinders Blue Efficiency, this upgrades the power from the typical 204 HP to 235 HP and a torque of 560 413 lb-ft. This power kit does the same to the turbo diesel six cylinders engine of E 350 CDI Blue Efficiency increasing the power to 272 HP and having a torque of 435 lb-ft.

Moving ahead, the E250 Blue Efficiecny petrol car has an engine power of 230 HP at a rate of 5500 RPM. The torque increases from 229 lb-ft to 258 lb-ft and the E350 CGI gets further 18 HP.

E500 is the top model which underwent an important modification. A steel base crankshaft of longer stroke, bigger cylinder bore and affect on displacement increase from 6.1 liters from 5.5 liters by larger pistons. The engine also has an addition of special camshafts four-valve cylinder heads for mixture flow and the stainless steel sport exhaust system with metal catalysts of high performance. Accurate interaction of every new component is ensured by engine electronics that are custom programmed.

Hence, it has a 462 HP engine and an increased torque of 453 lb-ft which boosts the car to 100 km/hr in just a matter of 4.7 seconds giving a maximum speed of 300 km/h.

The car is given a distinctive look because of the Brabus kit also improving the aerodynamics with its front spoiler featuring boot lid wing, rear diffuser and integrated LED daytime running. A lot of options are available for the tires and wheels.

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