BMW X5 2010

Wed, 07/28/2010 - 15:43

BMW X5 is an M model or motorsport car. The vehicle is excellent in performance level. X5 is spacious enough to fit seven passengers.  The vehicle is typically for five passengers but you can opt for a third row expansion.

BMW had produced four types of this premium SUV. The four models is an all wheel drive with superior horsepower. The model xDrive30i has a horsepower of 260 with a 3 litre V6 engine.  The second model, xDrive48i, compromises a horsepower of 350 with a 4.8 litre eight-cylinder engine. The third model, xDrive35d, has a horsepower of 265 with a 3 litre V6 inclined engine. The last model, X5 M, is a high speed motorcar with a horsepower of 555 with a 4.4 litre dual turbocharged eight-cylinder engine. All models have a six speed automatic transmission and its hauling proficiency can handle 6,000 lbs.

The hill- descent control is installed in all models of the X5. This allows the driver to take control on rough surfaces to make driving smooth without exerting too much effort for the brakes. Similar to other BMW X series, the X5 contains safety measures such as the antilock braking system, traction control, antiskid system, and built in airbags located in the front and sides. The models have a remote to control audio, climate function, navigation system, and communication. Other features of the car includes a head up display, navigation system, DVD, rear view camera, warmer in the front- rear seats, and a BMW service that assists in linking wireless mobile phones. A sports package like the Active Roll Stabilization and active steering can be installed in your X5.

The xDrive30i has a suitable power range for most car needs. X5 M is the most powerful model among the four. The four models of the X5 have an average mpg of 14 to 24 in highway and city drive. Only the xDrive30i, xDrive48i, and X5 M required a premium class fuel.

Excellent balance and grip performance is experience in the BMW X5 M. Its sport features makes minimal effort in turns. The interior state of the vehicle is completely furnished- sturdy and luxurious. The seats are comfortable but the third row seats can suit slim passengers and children. Getting in and out is somehow complicated because you need to fold the 2nd row seat first before you can occupy the space of the seats. The third row seat can be folded to add extra space at the back for cargo.

The X5 shows exemplary performance in handling and acceleration. The X5 can be available for diesel engine making fuel consumption economical. It is also a safe car to use with a five star crash test note that implies a quality protection in car accidents.

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