BMW M5 Smokes Porsche 911

Fri, 07/01/2016 - 03:40


This quick little video from GTBoard shows a tuned BMW M5 racing a Porsche 911 GT3 PDK (991). The guy driving the BMW looks to be the easygoing type, as he flashes the peace sign to the Porsche rumbling along next to him. The two cruise steadily neck-and-neck before the BMW leaps far ahead of the Porsche, leaving it in a trail of beautiful engine noise.

This isn’t a normal BMW. Some sweet modifications were made to the M5: It has an aFe intake, an AMS downpipe with a deleted catalytic converter, a BMS piggyback and a deleted x-pipe. People in the comments guess that the beast makes somewhere in the window of 600-680 horsepower, which is truly impressive.

Commenters are wondering how stock versions of these two cars would fare in a race. While there’s virtually no difference between an M5 and a Porsche 911 GTR in a rolling start, the GTR pulls a little bit harder than the Porsche GT3 that’s shown in this video, possibly due to the aerodynamics. It seems to be that a stock M5 would be just a bit faster than a GT3. Obviously, it sounds faster in this video, and that sweet engine sound was captured beautifully.

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