BMW Launches Safety and Secure Owner Insurance

Mon, 04/22/2013 - 10:51
BMW Indonesian provide Owner’s BMW insurance programs Safety and Secure BMW  owners. Both the BMW program is to provide protection of unique and comprehensive insurance for the BMW owner. This is done BMW for improving satisfaction to the consumers of BMW products Besides the protection of all-risk insurance, BMW Owner’s Safety provides some protection services more comprehensive, such as when there were riots, civil commotion, terrorism and sabotage, natural disasters, the responsibility of third parties, and the accident both drivers and passengers who accompanied the cost of treatment. For legal liability to third parties the BMW Owner’s Insurance guarantees worth more than Rp 50 million ($ 5555) and personnel accident Rp 50 million ($ 5555), and treatment costs amounting to Rp 5 million ($ 555). As for the insurance program Secures BMW, BMW provides protection against legal liability to third parties amounting to Rp 500 million, losses due to personnel accident and medical expenses amounting to Rp 5 million. In addition, BMW Secure also guarantee two times per year reimbursement Run Flat Tires and when the owner suffered a theft or total loss within one year after purchase, then the BMW will replace it with a new car from the same model and year.

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