BMW 7-Series Vorsteiner VR-7 Kit

Sun, 04/18/2010 - 14:22

Some kits will be introduced in the BMW 7-series by the Vorsteiner. This will be the coolest kit ever for the body. The kit will be giving a sporty look to the car. The car will look stunning. Some features introduced in the kit are – boot lid spoiler, add-on front spoiler and a diffuser at the rear end embedded with the matt finish.

The wheels are made by Vorsteiner V-102 Forged Monoblock of 21 inches which will give a very cool look to the car. The size for front wheel is 21” x 9” with 255/30 tires and the back wheels for 21” x 10.5” with 285/30 tires. It is also able to ride 48mm below the standard.

Some of other features can also be embedded in your BMW VR-7 series like gunmetal, brushed aluminum, black and texture gunmetal.

This kit is very simple to use and makes your car look sportier.

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