Bentley at Ski Slopes

Sat, 06/01/2013 - 01:20
Bentley has become the main sponsor of the Aspen fashion show in Colorado. For that they came up with an elaborate plan to make the best out of it, which included free fall jumping, snow driving and test drives. Bentley kicked off Aspen Fashion Week with extreme athlete, Ted Davenport, performing a dramatic ‘Winged-B’ sky dive from 3,000 feet to launch Aspen Fashion Week. The vent also included showcase of the Bentley’s all-wheel drive Continental range including the new V8-powered model. These cars acted flawlessly in snow thanks to the sophistication of their systems. This blend of luxury and performance proved the perfect backdrop for Bentley Motors to display its all-wheel drive model line-up alongside the very latest in winter fashion-wear being paraded on the runway at Aspen Fashion Week. Bentley press release: WINGED-B’ SKY-DIVE STUNT LAUNCHES ASPEN FASHION WEEK Bentley Motors launched its inaugural Aspen Fashion Week sponsorship with a spectacular sky-dive by extreme athlete and local resident, Ted Davenport, inspired by Bentley’s iconic ‘winged-B’ emblem. Launching himself from a helicopter at 3,000 feet, Davenport glided through the air while guests looked skyward in anticipation of his landing. He then deployed his Bentley-branded parachute over the runway, landing in nearby Wagner Park before taking a celebratory bow on the runway of Aspen Fashion Week alongside Bentley Motors Inc’s president & COO, Christophe Georges. While Aspen Fashion Week is renowned for showing the latest winter fashions, Davenport wore a more utilitarian wingsuit to assist him during his daring high-speed descent. “Bentley is known for pushing the limits of luxury and performance, so extreme athlete, Ted Davenport, was a fitting partner for presenting our sponsorship of Aspen Fashion Week,” said Georges. BENTLEY CONTINENTALS TESTED ON SNOW COURSE During the course of the week-long event, Bentley hosted media and prospective customers with test drives of its all-wheel drive Continental model range. The 567-hp GT coupe, GTC convertible and Flying Spur sedan and the extreme 631-hp Supersports Convertible ISR (Ice Speed Record) all navigated the wintery conditions with ease. Invited guests left town for the snow-covered grounds of T Lazy 7, a ranch where Bentley Driving instructors, flown in from the UK, drove guests at exhilarating high-speeds across a snowy meadow, specially created for the winter driving experience. While the Bentleys rapidly traversed the challenging course, the occupants remained safely cocooned in a luxurious cabin with hand-crafted leather, book-matched wood veneers, knurled stainless steel and heated seats. BENTLEY AND KRUG TOAST PEAK PERFORMANCE For the perfect end to a day of winter driving and fashion, Bentley hosted a dinner at the Aspen Mountain Club. Perched atop Ajax Mountain, guests raised a glass of Krug as a toast to peak performance while watching a short film ‘In Search of Snow’ starring Red Bull extreme athlete, Chris Davenport.  In the film, Davenport explores Colorado’s famed scenic and winding San Juan Skyway in a Bentley Continental GTC convertible.

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