Beautify Your Car with Custom Decals

Sat, 08/24/2019 - 17:47
When it comes to altering the looks of the car through the use of color, people immediately think of paint jobs and wraps. But those are expensive, kind of extreme treatments not suitable for the majority of car owners. That is why we think there is a greater market for custom decals waiting to into auto tuning’s main scene. And all it takes for that to happen is for some tuner to come up with a cool designing implemented entirely with custom car decals. The day after that everybody will be doing it. Not that decals are not in wide use today. What we are talking about is a more aesthetic use, something along the lines of racing stripes which are, of course, done with custom stickers. If you can achieve such great results with some stripes, as many tuners do, what can be done with carefully designed, tastefully applied decals? Well, you don’t have to look far to get an idea as to what can be done. Just look at racing cars. Check out series such as FIA GT3 or NASCAR Xfinity series. You will see some properly handsome machines that they owe their unique look to custom stickers and decals. Now, granted, with racing cars they have advertisement decals which are not really appropriate on road cars. But if you isolate the colors you can still do some magical stuff with those things. Come to think of it, even advertisement decals can go a long way in giving a car a fantastic look. In fact, there is a trend going on in which people try to make their road car look as close to racing version as possible by mimicking its sponsored decals and racing stripes. You have to look as far as Porsche 918 and GT3 model and their Martini liveries to see a great example. And there is the Gulf livery which is used on a wide variety of makes. A custom Gulf decal in those cool retro colors can improve the look of any car, especially if it’s a sporty model. You have to be careful, though, not to overdo it with decals and stickers. Continuing with the Gulf example, what you want to do is apply a couple of decals on the doors and maybe do some small striping with the Gulf colors on the sills or on some of the aero parts. That’s about it. Don’t try to cover the paint job with various unrelated decals, or you end up with a ridiculous patchwork. If you need some good template as to how to do this properly, take a look at vintage race cars. Those cars usually have liveries that look seriously cool today.

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