Bad news, Lexus IS the Most Vandalized Car in the UK

Tue, 05/29/2012 - 16:43
Bad news we convey to you the owner of the Lexus IS in Britain. According to a Yahoo news article, the entry-level IS taps the list of the most vandalized cars in the UK. Why is it called the most damaged cars. Based on the record, there are 2000 insurance claims that enter the brand Lexus IS. Lexus wins between other cars like the BMW Z4, MINI One, Mercedes Benz CLK and Audi TT. “Our analysis shows That luxury cars are more likely, to be targeted by vandals, however, it’s interesting to see the MINI One is in the top three,” said Robin Reames, claims director at insurer “The majority of vehicles in the top tens are what We call ‘executive cars’, likely, to be driven by high earners Their WHO see the car as a status symbol, with just one 4×4 making up the top ten.” A big surprise Skoda Octabia more frequently damaged than the BMW 5 Series. Even more impressive is the Mazda MX-5 more often than the BMW X5 insurance. Brand and model VV Position Index rating:1. Lexus IS 5,56 2. BMW Z4 4,75 3. MINI Satu 4,62 4. Mercedes-Benz CLK 4,52 5. Audi TT 4,48 6. Mazda MX-5 4,31 7. BMW X5 4.24 8. Skoda Octavia 4,09 9. BMW 525 4,05 10. BMW 530 3,92

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