Automated Driving has Arrived

Sun, 09/08/2019 - 21:54
The world has eagerly awaited automated vehicles, and it now seems that the wait has come to an end. The first batch of self-driving cars was expected to roll out of the assembly line by the year 2018, and sure enough, it did. However, the initial rate of purchasing these automated vehicles has been slow. Most automakers started by offering safety measures in the automobiles. In addition to the features that come with the vehicles, some extra safety features can be added to enhance the monitoring of the vehicle. For such services, visit, which will give you the best value for each dollar you put into the purchase of these services. The progression of automated cars Various automakers have made tremendous strides toward the establishment of autonomous cars. Tesla Motors was the trailblazer in the race to make driverless cars. Even though Autopilot was only a semi-autonomous driving system, it made an appearance as the first commercially available autonomous car. It enabled industry players and other involved parties to learn what was possible, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the autonomous vehicles. Other automakers have been trying to catch up to Tesla in a chase that ended with the arrival of GM’s SuperCruise. SuperCruise is a good show of innovation and excellence combined. It may not be ranked as the best automatic vehicle, but it shows more technological achievements than the other automakers have done. However, the question that bothers many is: How do we rate the safety of a semi-autonomous driving system? One of the yardsticks of evaluation is that the system should not exacerbate the driver’s poor judgment. As such, the safety of a semi-autonomous vehicle depends on the driver. The impact of automated vehicles Autonomous vehicles are expected to allow the driver to choose when they drive, and when they sit and let the automobile drive itself. This may enable drivers to do other things as they commute from one point to another. The self-driving cars will initially operate at a reasonable speed and even go at a slow pace in heavy traffic, perhaps prompting urban planners to add specific pickup points and slow lanes for self-driving vehicles. All these will help prevent rear-end crashes and other such collisions that result from human behavior, such as impatience and being easily distracted or entirely inattentive. The automatic functions capabilities that have been common in high-end vehicles will, with time, trickle down to ordinary vehicles, thus enhancing their functioning. A good case in point is the rear-view camera that was initially reserved for luxury cars alone, but is now a standard feature. Some authorities have even made it a mandatory feature on all vehicles from 2018. Conclusion Automated driving is already a reality, and all industry players must do what it takes to enjoy the total benefits. At the same time, all the concerned parties must take all necessary precautions to avoid any problems that may arise from them.

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