Aston Martin Dealership In Turkey

Wed, 07/28/2010 - 19:16

As part of their plan for expanding business and exploring new global markets, Aston Martin has opened a new showroom in Istanbul, Turkey.

The prestigious British brand seeks a great market there as the city of Istanbul is a wealthy place with lots of high rollers ready to blow up big piles of money on luxury goods!

The new showroom, which will open in partnership with Borusan Otomotiv , will be located at Süzer Plaza, in Dolmabahçe, an affluent area of Istanbul and will officially open in January 2011.

Commenting on the partnership, Michael van der Sande, Aston Martin Chief Commercial Officer said, “Turkey represents a new opportunity for us and a chance to bring the Aston Martin brand to just a few more people. Our decision to expand to Turkey is driven by a strong interest from potential customers who appreciate quality, superior technology, and understanding of craftsmanship.”

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