Aston Martin Cygent Launch Edition

Wed, 06/01/2011 - 01:46

Cygent is the smallest Aston Martin made to date, except it isn’t!

You probably know that it’s just a Toyota iQ underneath with the same engine and drivetrain but with a posh Aston body on the top.

That doesn’t matter really, it’s a stylish city car, more of a fashion accessory than a real car anyway, and that kinda justifies its starting price of £30,995 even tough it’s family saloon money! Aston Martin is celebrating the arrival of this model by two special launch editions in black and white.

The White Edition features a serene exterior; finished in Snow White paint with a mix of silver mesh, chrome brightwork and White Diamond turned alloy wheels. The interior of the White edition features seats hand trimmed in Pearl white leather with perforated Alcantara inserts, complemented by satin chrome. On the exterior, Aston Martin’s attention to detail is exemplified with the iconic wings badge appearing in matching white.

The Black Edition features Magic Black metallic paint with a specially developed deep sea green effect, offset by matt black louvers and chrome brightwork. Inside, the seats and dash are finished in pure black full grain leather, perforated in a specially-developed diamond pattern. Dark chrome accents adorn the cabin, while the wings badges are rendered in black.

Both models are available with either standard manual or optional CVT automated transmission mated to a 3-cylinder 1 liter engine.

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