999th Ferrari Sold In China

Thu, 06/09/2011 - 18:45

Ferrari entered the Chinese market only five years ago, but they’ve met an enormous success there.

They recently delivered the 999th car to a Chinese customer. I know that might not sound like a very big number, but given Ferrari production volume that is actually pretty good. Only in 2010 they sold nearly 300 units in China.

They are celebrating the 999th Chinese customer for that, and also becasue the number nine – ‘jiu’ – is a symbol for longevity and excellence in that country.

The festivities started in the afternoon with a show of more than 15 Ferraris in front of the Oriental Pearl Tower and ended with a gala dinner, in the company of Amedeo Felisa together with Ferrari Asia Pacific CEO Edwin Fenech and numerous clients. Amongst them were many young Ferrari owners under the age of 40: new entrepreneurs who, as a symbol of their success, were able to realise their aspiration of owning a dream car that is the symbol of Italy itself: a Ferrari.

Celebrating Johnson Zhang, the 999th client, Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa said: “For Ferrari, China represents the present and the future. It is a great country where we continue to invest. I’m convinced that in a couple of years, we’ll reach sales of 500 cars per year, a number equal to established European markets.”

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