$36,050: the cost of going green

Tue, 03/24/2015 - 02:54

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Yesterday, Nissan North America announced that it will be increasing the cost of its popular Leaf by $2,420. As reported by AutoWeek.com, the 2012 model year will now be $36,050. A price that some might already consider too expensive, the demand for this all-electric anomaly is pushing its cost higher and higher.

With that extra two grand, consumers will not simply get extra features (like a battery warmer and a quick-charge station): they’ll actually be able to purchase the compact EV in more markets – that means you, Southeastern U.S. and Illinois! So, how does this compare to the Chevy Volt (which, I might add, is not solely battery-powered)?  The Leaf is creeping up to the Volt’s $39,995 price tag.

Is the Leaf worth the extra cash? At least the Volt comes with a sizable trunk and behaves like a normal car when necessary. Plus, I’ve actually seen the Volt on the roads of D.C. I have yet to lay my eyes on the quirky foliage-inspired car.

I’ve polled our Best Cars Guide readers in the past about their interest in purchasing a hybrid or all-electric vehicle. Each time, the results have come back that they just don’t see the value in it at this point. I’ll venture to speak on behalf of the readers and say that hiking up the cost to own these vehicles isn’t going to make them any more appealing to the average consumer.

These cars, much like the Prius, seem to be developing a cult following all their own. And at these prices, I’d imagine that cult following has deeper pockets than their hybrid-loving predecessors.

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