2014 S-Class interior | Mercedes-Benz brings ultimate luxury

Wed, 03/27/2013 - 20:03

Sketch of 2014 S-Class Interior courtesy Mercedes-Benz

No longer is the Mercedes-Benz flagship sedan just for the driver. The 2014 S-Class interior will blow your mind and anyone riding in this über luxurious four-door with you.

Best Cars Guide got a sneak peek at the 2014 S-Class interior and the images prove that this car takes refinement to a whole new level. The sedan comes with the expected fine touches such as wood trim beyond your heart’s content and pearl-effect paint finishes, but it’s the technology and the development of the interior features that will surprise you the most.

The 2014 S-Class comes with automatically adjusting climate control.
Photo credit: Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz’s central focus on rear comfort makes this sedan one you’ll want someone else to drive.
Photo credit: Mercedes-Benz

Rear Comfort Focus – Transforming ‘Second Row’ into ‘First class’

In North America and Europe, the S-Class is all about the driver experience. However, take a visit to Asia and you’ll mostly see the chauffeurs toting executives around town. That’s why Mercedes-Benz has reversed its approach to the 2014 design, zeroing in on the long-wheelbase sedan first and deriving the standard-wheelbase design from that.

German engineering has long dominated the engine compartment, but the new S-Class interior gets the same special treatment. Mercedes-Benz is calling the interior ‘the embodiment of a classic, serene and yet ultra-modern sedan’ where ‘high quality and elegance go hand in hand with clarity and functionality.’

The standard S-Class will come with two rear seat options – a static bench seat or individual seats with 37 degree recline capabilities. The long-wheelbase version will have no less than five options for rear seat configurations.

Safety enhances, not hinders, deluxe rear ride

Multiple new features will enhance and improve safety for rear passengers. A belt buckle feeder will automatically raise and lower the buckle. The beltbag, an inflatable seat-belt strap, helps to reduce the risk of injury in a head-on collision by lessening stress on the ribcage. And a cusiohbag will be fitted standard to reclining seats to keep occupants from sliding beneath the belt in an accident.

Photo credit: Mercedes-Benz

Photo credit: Mercedes-Benz

Multi-user entertainment system satisfies alles

I don’t know about you, but I have long dreamed of the day when I can ride in a car and listen to what music I want regardless of where I’m seated. Mercedes is bringing this dream to a reality with its genuine multi-user entertainment system. What does that mean exactly? Any of the S-Class’ four seats can get independent access to media sources such as radio, TV, internet navigation, DVD player and USB-connected devices.

And watch out Batman because the driver (er, chauffeur) can now route any audio or video source to the display and headset of any passenger. And at the touch of a button, the driver can have an audio source play via onboard loudspeakers.

All of these details are yet to be seen in person, as I am en route to Germany to find out first-hand. Enjoy the photos for now, but stay tuned to the blog for additional updates following my visit.

Disclaimer:  Mercedes-Benz paid for one contributor to attend and cover the launch of this vehicle. Travel, accommodations, and meals (“swag”) were provided as part of this event. While we appreciate all that manufacturers do to ensure our safe travels and creature comforts while participating in such a program, we remain committed to sharing our honest opinion on and evaluation of their vehicles.

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