2013 Buick Enclave Lightning Technology

Mon, 07/01/2013 - 19:38

The new Buick Enclave comes with a host of new technologies, including some fancy new LED lighting technology.

Working with supplier 3M, Buick developed a unique LED taillight design with a soft, uniform red glow in a complex and unique shape. Like Enclave’s standard LED daytime running lamps and accent lighting, this contemporary lighting effect previews a future design element for other models the Buick lineup. Enclave’s taillight glow is made possible by 3M Uniform Lighting Lens technology, which uses a precision engineered micro-patterned, thermoformable polycarbonate material, reducing both complexity and energy use.

To be honest though, all GM needed to do was making sure the new Enclave doesn’t feel like a minivan, and people would buy it. It doesn’t really need all this garnish.



“As a brand driven by intelligent design and technology, Buick has to be at the forefront of purposeful, modern design cues,” said Mark Adams, executive director of Buick Design. “Our signature LED lighting serves a double purpose of providing a premium look and making sure our vehicles are unmistakable in the eyes and mirrors of other drivers on the road. Some of the new Enclave’s design cues will carry over to other Buick models to come, but every execution will be true to each model’s character.”

For 2013, Enclave comes standard with signature L-shaped LED daytime running lamps and high-intensity discharge headlamps, which provide a light clearer and brighter than halogen. Articulating headlamps, which use small motors to rotate the light up to 15 degrees with the curve of the road, are an option.

The 2013 Enclave’s advanced lighting story continues inside, with a cabin bathed in the Ice Blue glow of ambient lighting.

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